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Just wanted to make this short and sweet and hope ALL you guys have a safe and happy Halloween. If you do not celebrate it then I sincerely wish you a good day also.

I will have a lot of good stuff in store for November so keep checking back here at the blog.

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Mobility Scooters can be Pricey so Here is an Alternative to Build Your Own……….

Many people who are disabled want and NEED a vehicle to transport  them around the store, down the block, a sidewalk, or around the house etc..etc..

The price of a new mobility scooter can be thousands of dollars. And even a used scooter can cost you a good bit.

I personally know first hand the financial sacrifices and difficulties disabled people take on in the span of their lives. It can be taxing and with Insurance like Medicare, medical costs can add up rather quickly because of the 20% it does not cover.

I wanted to share this sequence of videos of a man who step by step created a mobility scooter for his son who was in need a mobility scooter.

His goal at first was to make one that was not so lumpy and nimble enough to be transported onto a plane and meet the specifications required (incidentally mobility scooters are exempt on planes). But he still wanted to build one that was robust yet easily transportable and did not take up a whole lot of space when folded up.

What he made seems very impressive. Check it out HERE

I think many people with disabilities could consider this route if they have a relative or friend who is very handy and crafty and is willing to put in a little time to build something like this.

Just a little food for thought,



Remember, there are ALWAYS ways to get the things you need and get them in a economically appropriate way.


Just take a look at the pictures of this personally built mobulity scooter.


Do People Who Are Morbidly Obese Need a Mobility Scooter or Not ….

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I think many people (although they will not admit it  ) look down at younger to middle age  obese people using a mobility scooter to get around places like Wal Mart, or traveling out in public in general.

I think there is a unnecessary stigma attached to obesity and that  everyone who is obese is lazy and has no self worth or just plain does not have self control.

This may be true in a lot of cases. But in many instances this is just  not reality.

There are many things that can transform ones body from a healthy weight  to a not so healthy weight including diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, mental illness,  and numerous medications and other sicknesses that put people in a predicament with unhealthy weight gain.

I think many people stare and shake their heads at that 45 year old over weight man in Target riding around in his mobility scooter doing his shopping for the week.

The fact is the mobility scooter was a device invented to help all people who may be suffering from a debilitating condition making it extremely difficult to travel on foot from point to point.

I personally got out of the habit of  judging those who use a mobility scooter to get around when they sometimes look like they could just lose some weight and be on their own two feet.

Plus, the fact that my 50 year old brother had to use a mobility scooters  for months after he had  his major heart attack to get around really made me rethink things !.

I am sure there were people who questioned him and why he needed a mobility scooter to get groceries.

But I must say that we have a huge epidemic of over weight people in our country . More so than any other country in the World.

People have a right to utilize mobility products like scooters, but I think as a society we need to really urge people to educate themselves about food and exercise and mental health.

In turn , this may result in  a downward spiral of mobility products being used and help people get around with the legs God gave them !

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Having to Start All Over with This Blog is Frustrating…………

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This is just a little bit of a extension of my last Post but with some more detail of what happened to my Blog.

As many of you know I started this blog back in March 2008. One of the main reasons was that someone very close to me had come down with a illness and consequently had become partially disabled.

It is a story millions of people world wide are familiar with. Of course, some  have illnesses and accidents that are more debilitating in nature than others. But I always saw a commonality amongst all of them.

And I wanted to have a blog that would help all of those with disabilities from all walks of Life. Helping them with resources where with some work from home they could earn a little money on the side. As well as giving them some top notch information from the many articles about things like a mobility scooter tor electric wheelchair and take pride in my  writing.

However, in the last few months for some unknown reason my blog completely went off the map. I did not know what happened to it. In most last post I wrote where I assumed hackers had been the culprit.

But by deduction I have found my Blog here was shut down by Google and taken off their Servers which were free to use.

Well, undoubtedly I was completely dumbfounded as I had worked hard to make this a quality blog and spent hundreds of hours writing nearly 200 posts that were interesting and informative.

I have gotten the site back up here. But it is like I am starting from brand new. All the readers I had built up and the traffic that was coming from me from the Search Engines are now gone.

I apologize from venting. I will begin to start writing once again about ways you can really be helped by a  mobility scooter, electric wheelchairs, stair lifts, chair lifts ,van lifts and more.

I will make this blog better,much better , than it was before. And I will do it with the same integrity and quality I did before.

Again a lot of the main focus will be about the technological advances of the mobility scooter. It has been a Godsend to many people.

And I am also going to really point out our partnerships here that help many people.

One of the common themes I see with people on disability benefits is that they have little money left over at the end of the month ( if any) after everyday bills and medical costs are factored in.

Well, over the years I have found a few good programs anyone can make money from the comfort of their own couch.

So stay tuned for more of that.

Enough of this and now that I have gotten this stuff off my chest let us move forward 🙂

Best regards,


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I’m back ! MoneyforDisabled.com is here to stay………………

Hello there folks !!

For some reason my old website was evidently erased by hackers and my Moneyfordisabled.com name was mysteriously hijacked /taken down by them or some other ruthless culprits. Through time, I finally retrieved my Domain of 5+ years and I am back Online with my same site. Albeit with a refreshing and better looking one I might add 🙂

I still have all the great information intact concerning mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and a whole lot of other mobility products which I know has helped many people and I plan on bringing new resources to continue helping people with disability struggles.

Mobility scooters have been a huge ongoing theme in my blog. It will continue to be so.

Some history about them if you do not know…………….I guess you can say the first mobility scooter came about in 1954. It was a really a distorted contraption compared to what they are today. But funny enough it was offered by Sears Roebuck and was marketed as an electric wheelchair. It had more in common with a mobility scooter in the way it looked and operated but needless to say it was a commercial flop !

It was Allan R. Thieme who really invented the first mobility scooter back in 1968. And it happened to be a marketing success ! This guy was personally motivated to build one because he had a member in his family who was stricken with MS. It was built in his home and was called The Amigo. It really was the sole impetus for the entire scooter industry. And today Amigo International still operates and is headquartered out of Bridgeport, Michigan.

I hope this is a good re-introduction to my 5 year old blog. Mobility Scooters have changed the landscape for many disabled and elderly people that is for sure ! And I will continue to talk more and more about some of the newer and better ones coming  out on the market.

Be sure to check out the archives because there is some good stuff in there.

I was not sure what what was going to happen to my blog. But I am  back, and it is a good feeling. 😉

Thanks for your patience and God Bless !!

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Pride Mobility Scooters have been Some of the most Popular and Best Made Scooters Out there.

Pride Mobility began as a Company that was based around power lift chairs back in the 80s.
(Power Lift chairs can be chairs that go up and down the stairs of a house to help people with disabilities. Or chairs that go up and down a van to transport disabled people on the road.) By 1992 they entered the mobility scooters market along with options and accessories.

I think when anyone mentions the word mobility scooter one of the first brand they think of is Pride !

There are several Pride Mobility Scooters.

Today I will focus on the features and benefits on a very popular model called the  Pride Go-Go Ultra X 3 wheel travel mobility scooter.  With this mobility scooter you get a frame that has been updated and this frame allows it to be disassemblied into five very simple to manage pieces. The very heaviest of these pieces being around 27 lbs. There is also a latching mechanism with the Go-Go Ultra that will allow you to disassembly with one hand . It also has a very easy to use drop in battery ,and a mounted seat that is front frame and is very secure and reliable and very stable !

 Mobility Scooters and other things like electric wheelchairs have advanced in technology tremendously in the past 25 years. To put it mildly it is very astounding what many of these mobility products like mobility scooters can do these days.

Anymore it is common place to see an elderly person go down a sidewalk and in a busy part of town to get to the groceries or go to the local park or just to visit it a friend ! 🙂

It is very encouraging to say the least !

Companies continue to push the barrier to help make Life better and more mobile for people who have disabilities whether they are elderly or younger !

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My Uncle Bill Took Advantage of Mobility Products as He Had Several Electric Wheelchairs with His Medical Condition

My Uncle Bill passed away in the mid nineties. I am proud to say that he was a veteran of WW2 and actually fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

Over the years that I was around him, and got to know my Uncle he was so congenial and cracking jokes and just a pleasant person to be around. He was an M.D. and had just finished his internship as a General Surgeon in the 60s.

Around this time  after being on a long fishing trip where he was cold and soaked, he came down with what he thought was the flu. Well, it progressed and he began to have tingling sensations throughout his body. Well, long story short he had contracted Polio , and it left him a quadrapledgic for the rest of his Life.

I look back on it now and realize what the horror he went through and how it must have affected my Grandfather and Grandmother. And also my Dad and his younger brother.

My Uncle Bill still was able to practice with at the Veterans hospital as an M.D. And it must have taken him great courage and strength to get up each and everyday and get into his electric wheelchair and into that mobility van he had.

The fact that he could not be the Surgeon he was going to be must have been a bitter pill to swallow. A very bitter pill.

But through all this I not once ever saw him in a nasty mood or talk in a harsh tone or feel sorry for himself. Not in front of me at least.

That really says a lot about an individual to me. Someone who has experienced both an enormous physical and mental distress but can somehow muster up the fortitude to make you feel good in his presence.

As I have gotten older I really look back and appreciate my Uncle Bill more than ever and really look up to him as almost like a hero.

I wish we had more people in this World who conducted themselves like my Uncle Bill and treated each other in the manner he did.


Mobility Products and Stairlifts help many disable people

Hey guys. Rob here. I have a few things I want to touch up on here. You there are many mobility products that can be very beneficial to those who have certain physical obstacles to deal with on a daily basis.

Mobility scooters are definitely one of those products that has been helpful to many. A Mobility Scooter is important to the disabled because of their ability to maneuver around streets and households and other types of various terrains. They are becoming more and more popular to use as their technology keeps increasing from year to year.

There is the electric wheelchair which has been the standard to get around for many disabled people for decades. Although may not be as mobile as the scooter, they can be in some instances more portable when transporting them from one destination to another. And finally there is the stairlift which can be really helpful to the disabled in getting from one floor to another in their house, place of work or just about any other place that has multiple stories. With a stairlift you have basically two kinds to select from. The curved stair lift and the straight stair lift. Some Stairlifts have chairs which can make it more efficient and easier to use.

It is recommended that look carefully when looking to buy a stairlift. For a new one the price can be prohibitive. It might be best to look for a that has previously had an owner. This will cut your price on a stairlift drastically !! Along with mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and other moblitiy products (like bathroom accesories for the elderly and disabled) we will be targetting Stair Lifts and explaining there incredible usefulness because they have been so beneficial to many people…………. and I am statring to realize this fact with people aroud me who use them. Really a great invention thats for sure 🙂 So you will see more Posts in the future dedicated towards this. I look forward to it very much !! Cheers, Rob

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In the World that we live in today, there are a large number of people who have disabilities. Many of these people need mobility products to get around easier and more conveniently. Stair lifts and wheelchair lifts are devices that have been a true blessing to many of these handicapped individuals. These two mobility products help people with disabilities to get up and down stairways and other uneven areas. These lifts are for the most part easy to operate, and can really assist elderly people and disabled individuals up and down places they could not go before!

Here are just a few of the important features with stair lifts and wheelchair lifts!

To begin with, they are uniquely constructed and very well put together. There is a large array of models to pick from, as well as many different color schemes and sizes.

Along with this, there are safety benefits that we will cover now:

– Numerous options which include sensors. These sensors will detect any kind of obstruction that

might be in the way.

– Comes with a very secure safety harness.
– The button that turns the power off and on is very sensitive and easy to control.
– Also comes with a a foot rest which turns upward .

Another good point about stair lifts is that you can install them on both curved stairways and straight ones. This kind of installation can be performed without any structural change.

We highly suggest that you do a lot of researching and investigating before you commit to purchasing one of these mobility aids. They can be very costly, and if you are not careful you will burn a hole in your pocket.

I hope this gives you insight into stair lifts and wheelchair lifts, and what they are all about.

Robert Marsh runs a Site where he provides the best info. on mobility aids including stair lifts and mobility scooters

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Curved Stair Lifts VS Straight Stair Lifts – Which is Best Suited for You ??

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Many people with disabilities will need to have curved stair lifts in their homes to be able to get up and down floors. One of the really great things about curved handicap lifts is that they can be tailor made to fit every special need that you may require in your home. The stair lift and its tracks are uniquely designed in a manner that makes it easy to maneuver around the bends of a curved stairway. Aluminum and steel are the primary material used to make these particular lifts. This ensures strength, durability, and longevity. They can be mounted on either side of the staircase and can also be used with AC or DC power.

With most curved stair lifts, seat belts and swivel lock systems are provided as well as sensors to point out any obstacles that could obstruct the pathway.

You should make a note that curved curved lifts are more costly than the straight lifts. And the exact cost will depend on a few factors including the bends, length, angles, and labor costs. Also the process of installing them can take quite a long time and be very tedious. As far as the resell value of curved stair lifts? Well, it is usually low since they are custom built for each user.

Stair lifts really provide a much needed service for many people in our Society. Elderly people and disabled people have found these mobility devices to be a true asset in daily living. The independence it brings to them is immeasurable as it truly gives them a Life that they could only dream of before.

Robert Marsh runs a Site where he provides the best info. on mobility aids including how to use a stair lift and also how to find the best mobility scooter for the best price and many other mobility products.

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