My Story, My Struggle and How I Earn up to $125 hr. !

Hey guys, Welcome to my Web Spot! A little about myself. Around 4 years ago I suffered a Hemorrhage in the Right side of my Brain Stem. It was the result of a inoperable vascular tumor! Needless to say it has caused multiple physical problems and brain deficits that today I still have to deal with. . And as a Stroke victim I know many of the Challenges people with disabilities face each and everyday. Life is not always fair and it can be downright tough out there. But I know I have refused to let it get the Best of me.
Its also a fact that many with disabilities , including myself, have not only the physical obstacles to deal with constantly but also financial ones as well. HERE IS A NEAT BIZ I FOUND THAT TRULY CAN HELP ALLEVIATE SOME OF THAT BURDEN………..

You can legitimately earn free cash by filling out Online Surveys and Offers from the Internet. No this is NOT a scam. This is for real and you really can. We do it each and everyday. Day in and day out. Month in and month out !! Its simple. Companies will actually pay you for your Opinions and insights and for testing Products to increase their own Profitability ! We typically earn of avg. $2 to $10 per Survey/Offer for a few minutes of Work. Last week I received a Check for $125 for a Focus Group Survey Online. Took one hour of my time 🙂
……STOP…………..Before we go any further there is a Trick to all this that I will let you in on. You see there is a crucial ingredient in making the most money out of this Survey Business and that is to join as many of the BEST Survey/Offer Sites as you can. I have made it easier on you because I have done all the leg work in picking the best of the best out of the 100 or so Sites I have signed up for and tested out. And I narrowed it down to these few High Quality Programs that I have conveniently listed on the right hand side of this Site. All you have to do is take a few minutes and join them. Its free and remember many of these Companies here listed Offer Bonuses for just registering. So just starting out your Total is $40 Earned in sign on Bonuses. 🙂 My personal experience the more you join the more Money you make. PERIOD !!

Now on with the show………..Basically, there are are three types of Sites we consistently make free money with each and everyday.

1.SURVEY SITES– These are the Marketing Research Companies that actually send you the Online Surveys in your email. They go anywhere from $1 up to $150. Average is $2 to $10 for just a few minutes of work.

2.PAID EMAIL SITES– So far we have 4 Programs that we make consistent money with. Each one you get a $5 sign on bonus just for registering which is free!! Hits4pay is actually a $10 sign on Bonus !! And you can fill out a Daily Surveys and earn free cash that way. Over $25 a month cash flow for each one is quite realistic ! We luv em !!
** Note- Just recently Snap Dollars has made it really lucrative for Members. Once you sign up for Free you not only get the $5 Bonus but you get another $5 for anyone you refer to them and they register !! 🙂 You get a flat $5 and then 10% in commission of whatever they make for Life.

3.OFFER SITES– Programs where you actually get paid money for joining free Websites that cost you nothing and filling out free offers/surveys and participating in free trial memberships. Substantial Money can be made from these Programs. And in particular the Referral Programs they offer. This is where you get paid money in referring others to participate at these Free Offer Sites. I am affiliated with a few people who make in excess of $1,500 a month in just one Program alone.

Remember, it is free to join each one and free to start earning money with them immediately. Just go the list on the right hand side !

P.S. Under the List of Survey Sites I have included ones where there are actual referral links to join under. And ones which I denoted that you can join for free at one of the Offer Sites and earn commission of up to $1.50 for doing so.

Cash Lagoon

NOTE- Please leave a comment with your Email address. And we will Update you with an Email when we find the BEST NEW Survey/Offer Sites !!

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