Hey guys Id like to Hear Your STORY…And your Dreams and Hopes !!

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I created this Site to share my story , my struggles and my relentless hope to achieve Greatness in my own unique way in Life….. despite some of the hardships and obstacles I face on a continual everyday basis. Wow, it will be 5 months since the inception of this Blog and its gone by really quick.

My Story : I suffered a Stroke back 5 years ago this October caused by an inoperable vascular tumor deep in my right Brain Stem. This has caused numerous Brain deficits that plague me every day and every minute of my Life. Sometimes I cant function at all and writing this Blog can be quite a task. But somehow and someway I manage. Not only that I have found the gumption to form three other Blogs that I have somehow created thru being relentless and stubborn 🙂

In the three other Blogs I do not talk at all about my condition. For the most part I am pretty private person in general so this Blog has been a true Blessing in that it is an great Outlet for me.

I truly hope that it can also be an outlet for many of you who may have physical or emotional challenges to deal with !!

I encourage you to freely comment and posts your Story!! And I so look forward in hearing from you. My goal here is to start a brotherly fellowship where we can get to know each other and help each other. Its been a long road but I know in the last year I have found ways on the Internet that have truly blessed me financially… And I feel like some of the things I have learned can really benefit many others who are in the same boat or similar boat as myself.
In the end you can have all the money and riches in the World..but if you dont reach out to help others then is all done in vain.
And you end of living Life without much fulfillment or enrichment !!

So Cheers to our success and remember tomorrow is always a new day !!
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HCD SURVEYS – I was just paid $5 for a Survey that took 2 minutes to complete ….

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That comes out to a pretty good hourly rate I must say. Like over $200 an hour !!

HCD Surveys is really becoming one of our fav money making survey Sites. Its totally free to join. And the Surveys that they administer are usually of political nature. Like who is your choice for President etc..etc.. And they take less than 5 minutes to take. Which anyone who regularly takes surveys will tell you that is quite refreshing !!

Also if you try to qualify for one of their Surveys but fall short, they will still give you 10 points for just trying. Which is nice and one of only 2 Survey Sites that does this !!

This is yet another great way to add to your disability income
And we give it 8 out of 10 with a big smiley face 🙂

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HCD Surveys

Heres a new one that is great money for disabled….OPINION SQUARE !!

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Opinion Square is a new Survey Site for us and it is fast becoming one that is a legitimate source in adding to your disability income.

-Its free to join as usual 🙂
-You will average around 3 to 6 surveys a month
-EVERY Survey will either offer you Cash, Points, or a drawing entry into a mega Sweepstakes !!
-They are accepting both US and Canadian Residence !! Other countries may receive special survey requests with incentives.
– If you decide not to take one of their Surveys you will NOT receive less invitations in the future !

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Win a chance at $100,000

This Site is really great money for the disabled….Make $50 to $500 per Survey

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Con’t with Post
OK, one of my first big paychecks for a big survey was a focus group. It was for $125 and the survey took 1 hour to take and was about Cell Phone usage. A focus Group is a kind of survey where a group of 10 to 20 people are gathered together and asked questions about their opinions on products, their likes, dislikes etc….
Its a very relaxed atmosphere and is usually conducted by a moderator.
This Site has a List of all the availbale focus Group Surveys available each and every day around the country. Some you have to be in person to take while others are conducted online.
The range is impressive all the way up to $500.
Its a great way to add to your disabled income.

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Find Focus Groups

Opinion Outpost is a Up and Comer that is Making us Free Money……..

This Company has been around since 1987. And is a part of Western Wats. Its the largest market research data collection company in North America. Opinion Outpost is a survey research data collection company. They help leading firms make more effective decisions through the use of research-based information.

And I have been getting payed in the $15 to $20 range for Surveys I have filled out for them. Which is really nice 🙂
The more you can add to your disabled income the better. And this program will go along way in supplementing your disability income.

I have put it in my top 3 Survey Sites for making money online. And give it an 8 out 10 !!

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Please Folks, NEVER Pay for a List of SURVEY SITES……..

I see more and more people come to me who are just disappointed because they actually paid Money for a list of SURVEY SITES. Never do this under any circumstance.
These our middleman who make a lot of money fraudently Marketing to people that they have a special database of the HIGHEST PAID SURVEYS. And they are the only ones who have this and charge you a Fee to access it. This is BS. Everything you need is Free and can be found on this Site for Free.

PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES who want to add to their disability income need to stay away from these Sites. One such site is SURVEY SCOUT !! They charge like $35 to access their database. I have come across many people who end of kicking themselves for joining this Website and forking out money for it when they learn the stuff can be accessed at Sites like mine for free. I take alot of pride in being able to share my experience with my Readers here in a way that is useful and beneficial for them.
And this stuff makes me very angry when I see people duped out of their hard earned cash.

So PLEASE just stay away from pulling your wallet out for any list of these Survey Sites. Its a scam plain and dimple !!



Ok you want to add to your DISABLED INCOME you really need to join this Free program called CASHCRATE.
It has been a long term stable of mine for making FREE MONEY.

In general, you fill out Free Offers and Surveys and get paid to do so.

I know several CASHCRATE Associates who make in excess of $1,500 per month.
CASHCRATE will also pay you money for anyone you tell about it and they join under you. If they earn $200 you will get $40. Thats for absolutely doing NOTHING but telling this person about CASHCRATE.

Pretty good ,eh ?? Of course it is and its really a great tool to make alot of MONEY FOR THE DISABLED.
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Another Post on the I-SAY Panel..Just because we LUUUUV it !!!

Adding to your DISABILITY INCOME can be tough with these trying times in our Economy.
The I-SAY Panel, one of the oldest Survey Sites in the World, is really a great way to earn FREE MONEY FOR THE DISABLED. They have been administering Paid Surveys in over a dozen countries since 1975.
And is one my highest paying Survey Sites up to date and we felt compelled to talk about this great company again in my Blog.

Its totally Free and great for PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES who want to make extra Money
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