Hey guys Id like to Hear Your STORY…And your Dreams and Hopes !!

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I created this Site to share my story , my struggles and my relentless hope to achieve Greatness in my own unique way in Life….. despite some of the hardships and obstacles I face on a continual everyday basis. Wow, it will be 5 months since the inception of this Blog and its gone by really quick.

My Story : I suffered a Stroke back 5 years ago this October caused by an inoperable vascular tumor deep in my right Brain Stem. This has caused numerous Brain deficits that plague me every day and every minute of my Life. Sometimes I cant function at all and writing this Blog can be quite a task. But somehow and someway I manage. Not only that I have found the gumption to form three other Blogs that I have somehow created thru being relentless and stubborn 🙂

In the three other Blogs I do not talk at all about my condition. For the most part I am pretty private person in general so this Blog has been a true Blessing in that it is an great Outlet for me.

I truly hope that it can also be an outlet for many of you who may have physical or emotional challenges to deal with !!

I encourage you to freely comment and posts your Story!! And I so look forward in hearing from you. My goal here is to start a brotherly fellowship where we can get to know each other and help each other. Its been a long road but I know in the last year I have found ways on the Internet that have truly blessed me financially… And I feel like some of the things I have learned can really benefit many others who are in the same boat or similar boat as myself.
In the end you can have all the money and riches in the World..but if you dont reach out to help others then is all done in vain.
And you end of living Life without much fulfillment or enrichment !!

So Cheers to our success and remember tomorrow is always a new day !!
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