Please Folks, NEVER Pay for a List of SURVEY SITES……..

I see more and more people come to me who are just disappointed because they actually paid Money for a list of SURVEY SITES. Never do this under any circumstance.
These our middleman who make a lot of money fraudently Marketing to people that they have a special database of the HIGHEST PAID SURVEYS. And they are the only ones who have this and charge you a Fee to access it. This is BS. Everything you need is Free and can be found on this Site for Free.

PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES who want to add to their disability income need to stay away from these Sites. One such site is SURVEY SCOUT !! They charge like $35 to access their database. I have come across many people who end of kicking themselves for joining this Website and forking out money for it when they learn the stuff can be accessed at Sites like mine for free. I take alot of pride in being able to share my experience with my Readers here in a way that is useful and beneficial for them.
And this stuff makes me very angry when I see people duped out of their hard earned cash.

So PLEASE just stay away from pulling your wallet out for any list of these Survey Sites. Its a scam plain and dimple !!


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