Global Test Market- Finally our Savior to make a lot of free money has come !!

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Ok so I exaggerate a little bit !! But Global Test Market is a survey site that we have NOT been able to get permission to talk about on our Blog. Until now !! Thats right we finally got approval from this company to include them here on our site.

I can tell you now that Global Test along with Opinion Outpost have been our Best Sites to make money for the disabled.
Their Surveys payout from $3 to $50 !! And just to show how loyal they are to their customers, Global pays you $.50 even if you do not qualify for one of their surveys !!
No other company I know of does this.

I give them 3 thumbs up for all people with disabilities who want to add on to their disability income 🙂

I will be talking about Global Test Market on a regular basis now. So as to share with you all the great ways to make free monet with this wonderful survey site !!

A must join. Click below its free !!
Global Test Market Survey Site

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