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Ok, I originally started this Blog Site to share some of my experiences and own Struggles in Life and the things that have helped me out financially and economically. The moneymaking opportunities that I have listed are actually the Programs that I have personally managed to make money with consistently month in and month out in the last year. It has been a true godsend to have these programs to make extra money with. And I feel truly fortunate and blessed. The good thing is anyone can do it ,and I encourage everyone here to take a few moments and join up some of the Free Programs listed on the Side to start earning right away.

With that being said, I think the theme of what this Site is all about is giving back Freedom and Power to those individuals who for one reason or another have lost much of that to physical or mental challenges beyond their control. I think that some of the Programs listed here has inabled many to gain a little better financial stability and thus get back some of that lost freedom. We all must admit that having more money equals having more freedom!!

But honestly being able to get around easier and without pain or frustration is also another form of Freedom that so many take for granted. And thats why in the last week I decided to add mobility products to this Blog as one more resource to benefit our Readers and Visitors . On the side listed is a banner link that you can click and get some of the best Prices on ALL kinds of mobility products including mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, medical walkers, and all the latest aids accessories !!

I truly take pride in the fact that I can offer this. And as a person dealing with my own disability each and everyday I know how important it is to take back some of that lost Freedom and once again be able stake your claim to it !!

Heres to our Success in Living a better Life !! 🙂


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