Mobility Scooters are a Godsend to many…..

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To be able to get out and about and go anywhere you want when, you want is something that many people take for granted. Unfortunately, there are also many who this seemingly easy task is extraordinarily difficult.

But this is where mobility scooters have come into being a very handy device. These little helpful motorized sit-down scooters have been helping people with disabilities and mobility problems for many decades now.

Allen Thieme is credited with building the first mobility scooter in 1968, in Bridgeport, Michigan. Thieme was motivated because he had a family member who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Thieme’s first mobility scooter was a a front-wheel drive model. It was totally conceived at his home. It was named The Amigo and really initiated the entire “scooter” industry. Amigo Mobility International Inc headquarters is located in Bridgeport, Michigan and is still thriving today.

Wheelchairs are great!! But in many cases where people with no stamina and arm/shoulder flexibility or strength these wheelchairs are not effective ! That’s where only only a scooter will work. A mobility scooter is very helpful for persons with systematic or disabling conditions like partial paralysis, heart or lung issues , various forms of arthritis, obesity, elderly issues etc..etc… These people may be able to stand and walk just a few feet but really need that extra assistance that a scooter provides.

Mobility scooters continue to be one of the more popular mobility products around today ! And rightfully so.

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