Survey Spot passes Our Flying Colors and is a great way too add to your disability income…..

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Okay for awhile now I was puzzled as to why I wasn’t receiving paid surveys with this company. For a long time, survey spot was giving me a large quantity of paid surveys to take and earn extra money. Then a few months ago they surveys just completely stopped. I couldn’t believe it and it is the reason why I did not list this company on our Site here.
To make a long story short I found out survey spot was sending all the paid surveys to the wrong email address. I got this fixed and now things are back to normal.
I am getting $5 to $10 surveys and they fill up my email every week. If you don’t qualify for a survey they will give you points which are redeemable for cash and prizes !

survey spot is great free money for the disabled. And people with disabilities can use this as another tool to help them make extra money !!
survey spot

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