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Well, the Rich Jerk internet Program is pretty much the only Program I have listed here on this Blog that Cost anything. But the small amount of $10 is soooooo RIDICOUSLY cheap that it is essentially Free.
The Program was originally priced at $150 but has been slashed to only $10 !!
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Moneyfordisabled.com has primarily focused on paid surveys to make money with. We will continue to do so because it is an awesome way to add money to your disability income !!
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Get out and Vote…..The Elected president could have an impact on People with Disabilities……….

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Next week we will have elected a new President and our Nation will begin its course of history with a new Administration.

Okay, I really encourage ALL of you who are of Age to get out and VOTE !! I realize for many of you it will be difficult because of mobility issues. But I know there are free community services that will help you get to the Voting polls. So take advantage of those.

This Election is one of the most important of our times. And people with disabilities need to look closely at the candidates. One of them may just be the candidate who puts more money in your pocket. And make it easier and cheaper for you to be able to get more mobility aids, mobility scooters ,wheelchairs, and other electric mobility devices !!!

So let your voice be heard on Tuesday. It could be the difference in having a great Life or just a so-so one !!

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What happens if your Mobility Scooter or Electric Wheelchair Breaksdown ???

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Ok, having a electric scooter or electric wheelchair can and will mean having wear and tear that must need your attention !!!
It may be pretty and compact and just perfect for your complicated Life but the fact still remains sooner or later there will be some breakdowns !!

So if your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair breaks down where do you take it ??
Are there any electric mobility repair shops around?

Mobility scooters
and electric wheelchairs operate on simple and common electrical components. So, you can have it repaired at a local motorcycle shop or electronic retailer.

If going to your local electronic repair shop is not available for you,then the best bet would be to contact the Dealer you bought this electric mobility device from !!. They will give you the best advice on the options that are available to get it fixed at. Many of the Dealers will have a Network of people that they know who can get the job done !!

And also see if your mobility scooter is still covered under Warranty so it can be fixed for free !! It should only take no more than a few days to be repaired. And if its minor damage maybe only a few hours.

And just a reminder if your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair is NOT used enough it can also be damaged. Moisture and heat can cause a breakdown just sitting there. So place it in a area free of moisture and extreme heat !!

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Will Medicare Cover the Cost of a Medical Walker or Rollator

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Medicare basically will cover the cost of a medical walker if you have a genuine and honest necessity for it. You will also have to show that you require more support than just a cane or crutches to be able to get around.

Here the Steps you must follow to make sure Medicare will cover the cost of your medical walker :

Your Physician is the only one that can prescribe the mobility equipment for you. So make sure that you do not do anything before you have visited your Doctor.

Also the Physician must document your need for a walker in your medical records. It should backup the claim that supports the medical requirement of the walker for you. As well as give you a signed and dated prescription order for the mobility equipment.
Make sure the order is received by the supplier before Medicare is billed. And it is a must that the supplier keep this on his own Files !!

If you receive your Medicare through a HMO or PPO it is very likely you will have to follow the plan’s steps for approval and purchase of the mobility equipment. Just make a point of calling your plan’s customer service to ask about the requirements for coverage of a medical walker.

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Paid Surveys are more than just taking surveys….You can make BIG Money in a Way You Probably NEVER thoguht of !!

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Okay, I make money taking paid surveys each and every week. It has been a nice tool
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But you can also make even more money with the referral programs these survey sites
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This is once again another great way to add money to your disability income !!

Here is a great survey site that pays for taking surveys as well as pay you NICELY to refer new members to them !!

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Some factors to look over when choosing a wheelchair and mobility aids supplier ……

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These are some factors you need to consider before choosing your wheelchair and mobility aids supplier :

There are two types of Medicare suppliers, those that are participating suppliers and those who are enrolled but have decided not to participate.
Participating suppliers must accept assignment. This simply means that they agree to accept a determined fee for the wheelchair/ mobility aid . They can not charge more than the Medicare allowed billing..
Its important to point out that a Medicare approved provider who decides to not participate can charge more than the Medicare-approved amount. However, they are not allowed to charge more than 15% above the Medicare approved amount. It also may be required that you pay the entire bill when you pick up the wheelchair. If this happens, Medicare will send the reimbursement directly to you. However you might end up having to wait for a couple of months to receive payment.

Take into account if you get your Medicare coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan like an HMO or PPO, it is very likely that the plan will have its own procedures for the purchase. Also this particular Plan may have Restrictions on the supplier from which you can buy. Its is important that you know that your Health Plan must meet the levels of supply to at least what Medicare covers. It can’t be less. Depending on your plan, you could very well receive more coverage with your own Plan than you could receive with Medicare alone. It is prudent to call your Medicare Advantage Plan’s customer service and ask about your coverage before you order your wheelchair.

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You have just a Few More Weeks to make Free money with HCD Surveys !!

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Ok, the Presidential election is soon to end in a few weeks. Nov. 4th is Voting day and hopefully ALL you registered Voters will get out and vote !
In meantime, how would you guys like to get paid by just giving your opinions about the two candidates, McCain and Obama ??
Well HCD Surveys will do just that. This little survey site is really great. The surveys last less than a minute and they pay $1 or more. This comes out close to $60 per hour !!

Not bad !! Plus ,HCD Surveys has paid us very reliably and there has NEVER be a delay in getting our Checks sent to us !!

Its totaly free to join !!

HCD Surveys

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So what do you if you decide you want to buy the wheelchair ??

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So if you reply and want to buy the wheelchair what happens:
Medicare will make 3 more payments and the wheelchair will be yours
You will be responsible for maintenance (Medicare will cover 80 percent of maintenance cost)

But If you choose to continue renting:
Medicare will make a total of fifteen rental payments and the wheelchair will be yours to use as long as you need or want it.
The supplier remains the owner of the chair and is responsible for maintaining it .
And every 6 months you will be billed a maintenance and service fee. Medicare will pay 80 percent of this fee.

Part B Coverage on Power and electric wheelchairs :
You need to have Medicare part B coverage and you must have been looked over and assessed by your physician, who documented your need in your medical records and wrote you an prescription/order for the equipment. The supplier needs to have this order on file before billing for the wheelchair.

Also your needs for the wheelchair must meet the following criteria :
You cant walk on your own, even with the support of some of the other mobility aids !
Have some sort of weakness in your upper body caused by injury or illness and as a result cannot use a manual wheelchair because of this.
Would have the need to spend a large majority of your time in bed or in a chair when not in your wheelchair !
Can safely get in and out of a power wheelchair. It is a necessity that you must also be able to sit in the wheelchair and work the controls.
The main reason for needing the item is to help you move about without assistance from others, not to prevent an injury from occurring where no injury or illness exists .

Where Do I receive An Electric Wheelchair?
You will save on money if you order your items from a Medicare approved supplier or provider. These Suppliers must meet strict demands to qualify as a Medicare supplier. They will also be assigned a Medicare supplier number. You can also buy your electric wheelchair from any store that sells them. However, if the supplier from which you order your chair is not enrolled in Medicare, Medicare will not pay for the equipment.

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Since We are on the Subject of Medicare…Will it Cover Electric Wheelchairs and how much the out of pocket Cost ??

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Medicare will also cover power or electric wheelchairs. However, like with mobility scooters you have to be able to show that your NEED it to get around basic things like your house and dwelling !!
We repeat it just cannot be something that would be nice to have or a nice convenience to have outside your home !!Thats a no no to Medicare !!

Only your Doctor can give you a Prescritpion for the electric wheelchair . So be sure to not order anything from anyone until you have gotten that ok from your Physician !!

How Much Will An Electric Wheelchair Cost With Medicare?
Once you have paid your Annual Medicare Deductible, you will have to pay 20 percent of approved amounts by Medicare . These costs could well be higher if the supplier or person you purchased it from doesn’t accept assignment. Electric Wheelchairs are in the Capped Rental category which means you have the option in choosing to rent or purchase a electric wheelchair. Once Medicare has made 10 monthly rental payments you will then be given the opportunity to purchase the electric wheelchair. The supplier will send you a ‘Purchase Option’ letter in the ninth month of the rental. You will then have 30 days to reply.

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Greenfieldonline.com is really a solid survey site to make free money with !!

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I have been a Member with greenfieldonline.com for a fairly long time. Just recently I have started to make some good money with them. At first many of their surveys were geared towards IT Professionals and other technology employees !

But as time has gone by I have been getting to receive more free surveys related to regular people with regular lives !! The range of pay for these surveys also keeps getting larger and larger. I am consistently getting $5 to $15 surveys !!

I give this company 7 stars out of 10 . Just be patient and you will make some good free money over time.

Its a great way for people with disabilities to add some money to their disability income !!