Get out and Vote…..The Elected president could have an impact on People with Disabilities……….

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Next week we will have elected a new President and our Nation will begin its course of history with a new Administration.

Okay, I really encourage ALL of you who are of Age to get out and VOTE !! I realize for many of you it will be difficult because of mobility issues. But I know there are free community services that will help you get to the Voting polls. So take advantage of those.

This Election is one of the most important of our times. And people with disabilities need to look closely at the candidates. One of them may just be the candidate who puts more money in your pocket. And make it easier and cheaper for you to be able to get more mobility aids, mobility scooters ,wheelchairs, and other electric mobility devices !!!

So let your voice be heard on Tuesday. It could be the difference in having a great Life or just a so-so one !!

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