Are Mobility Scooters Covered by Medicare ? And What are the the Steps You Need to Take to Ensure that they Pay ???

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Medicare will almost always cover electric mobility scooters. However, it is required that you must be able to exhibit that you have a genuine medical condition requiring a scooter ! And that the primary use of the scooter is to get around the house !! In other wards, it just can’t be for something you need outside of the home when you are tired or don’t feel good !

You must follow the steps below to ensure that Medicare pays for the equipment:

Only your physician can prescribe the scooter for you. So please do not order anything until you have first visited him and received a prescription. The physician must make formal documents in your Medical Records saying that you need the mobility scooter and give you a signed and dated prescription !!

The Order must then be received by the Supplier before actually billing is done with Medicare. Of course the Supplier MUST keep this billing and order on file.

If you get your Medicare through an HMO or PPO it may be likely you will have to follow the Plan’s steps for getting the approval and purchase of a mobility scooter.
You need to call your Plan’s Customer Service and ask them the specifics about getting coverage for a scooter.

Hope this makes it a little easier for you when having to go thru the process of getting a mobility scooter. 🙂

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People with Disabilites Need to Make Sure to GET OUT AND VOTE !!

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Ok many of you probably saw the Debates in the last day or so between McCain and Obama. Let me just say that this Presidential Election is one of the Most important Elections in our Modern Day history. With so many problems with our Economy, Education, and Foreign Affairs concerning the War, well I just urge each and everyone of you to some way make it out to Vote in November.

Also, I want to stress that each of you take a close look at each candidate and see which one is more determined to help with issues like Disability Funding, Social Security, Mobility Issues, Medical and Hospital Insurance etc.. I wont make any personal comments of which candidate is more Pro-Disabled one but after a little observing you should be able to figure it out !!

Many people with disabilities find it necessary to add to their disability income because it is just such a small amount.
Well, this election could well determine how much more or how much less you will get.

So please participate and VOTE !!!

Rollators are a Benefit to many people with disabilities….But what are they ?

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For many disabled people getting around in this World is something that be a monumental task!! The traditonal walker is a mobility aid that many utilize to do this.
With a walker the person moves with the metal frame surrounding both their front and sides. And their hands hold them up by putting them on top of the sides of the frame. Normally, the walker is picked up and placed in front of the person. It just goes a short distance. This is repeated over and over again.

A more sophisticated variety of the Walker is the wheeled Walker, commonly known as rollators. They can be adjusted with their height and are equipped with a seat and in some cases a basket. And with technology they are very lightweight and also sturdy !!. Some models also may provide its users a Back to provide support so a person can lean against. Another particular important factor with rollators is the hand brakes located on the top of the frame. They can be raised pushed down to immediately stop the wheeled walker !! These Brakes can also be used to maneuver and turn the rollator.

Rollators can really be a true blessing for elderly people and people with disabilites ! As well as those with injuries who are recovering from them in both a short term and long term manner !! !!

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Cashcrate is and will always be great money for the disabled !!

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Ok , this is one of those companies that we keep coming back to over and over again. The reason ?? Because cashcrate truly is the real deal. It is one of the BEST long term investments that we have undertaken on this Site.

The great thing about cashcrate is the fact that you can not only make money with filling out offers and surveys, but you can also make money with their referral system.

Thats right, cashcrate you will pay you just to refer people who sign up and fill out offers and surveys.
You will get 20% commission on your 1st level referrals’ earnings. And 10% off your 2nd level referrals’ earnings.

This can add up to a tremendous amount over a period of time.

Many ,I personally know, make well over a $1,000 a month, month in and month out.
With only part time hours put in.

I cant say enough good things about cashcrate. And as always its totally free to join ! 🙂 And a great way to add to your disability income !!

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MedicalSupply4U – Since 1962 has had Highest reputation with Great Mobility Aids at a Low Price…

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We at our Proud to have this great company be a part of our Site here. Unfortunately, illnesses, disease, accidents, do happen to many people each and every year. And its good to know that there are really strong companies like MedicalSupply4U that are there to help out with the latest mobility aids and accessories for those in need !!

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Hey fellows, so you are asking whats the BIGGEST amount of Money I have made from a Paid Survey ??

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Well, there is a lot of hype going about free paid surveys. Many people say that they are nothing but scams and that you should stay away from them. Well, I can tell you all that this is false.
Paid Surveys are definitely real and I have been making money from them for quite some time !!

So you want to know the most money I received from one survey ??
Well, it was from a Focus Group Survey that was completed online It was about Cell Phone Insurance. And the whole thing took about one hour. It was easy and simple to complete . Two weeks later I received a check in the mail for $125 !! 🙂 SWEET !!! 😉

Yes, these paid surveys are for real and provide a great way for people with disabilites to add to their disabilty income !!

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