Since We are on the Subject of Medicare…Will it Cover Electric Wheelchairs and how much the out of pocket Cost ??

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Medicare will also cover power or electric wheelchairs. However, like with mobility scooters you have to be able to show that your NEED it to get around basic things like your house and dwelling !!
We repeat it just cannot be something that would be nice to have or a nice convenience to have outside your home !!Thats a no no to Medicare !!

Only your Doctor can give you a Prescritpion for the electric wheelchair . So be sure to not order anything from anyone until you have gotten that ok from your Physician !!

How Much Will An Electric Wheelchair Cost With Medicare?
Once you have paid your Annual Medicare Deductible, you will have to pay 20 percent of approved amounts by Medicare . These costs could well be higher if the supplier or person you purchased it from doesn’t accept assignment. Electric Wheelchairs are in the Capped Rental category which means you have the option in choosing to rent or purchase a electric wheelchair. Once Medicare has made 10 monthly rental payments you will then be given the opportunity to purchase the electric wheelchair. The supplier will send you a ‘Purchase Option’ letter in the ninth month of the rental. You will then have 30 days to reply.

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