So what do you if you decide you want to buy the wheelchair ??

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So if you reply and want to buy the wheelchair what happens:
Medicare will make 3 more payments and the wheelchair will be yours
You will be responsible for maintenance (Medicare will cover 80 percent of maintenance cost)

But If you choose to continue renting:
Medicare will make a total of fifteen rental payments and the wheelchair will be yours to use as long as you need or want it.
The supplier remains the owner of the chair and is responsible for maintaining it .
And every 6 months you will be billed a maintenance and service fee. Medicare will pay 80 percent of this fee.

Part B Coverage on Power and electric wheelchairs :
You need to have Medicare part B coverage and you must have been looked over and assessed by your physician, who documented your need in your medical records and wrote you an prescription/order for the equipment. The supplier needs to have this order on file before billing for the wheelchair.

Also your needs for the wheelchair must meet the following criteria :
You cant walk on your own, even with the support of some of the other mobility aids !
Have some sort of weakness in your upper body caused by injury or illness and as a result cannot use a manual wheelchair because of this.
Would have the need to spend a large majority of your time in bed or in a chair when not in your wheelchair !
Can safely get in and out of a power wheelchair. It is a necessity that you must also be able to sit in the wheelchair and work the controls.
The main reason for needing the item is to help you move about without assistance from others, not to prevent an injury from occurring where no injury or illness exists .

Where Do I receive An Electric Wheelchair?
You will save on money if you order your items from a Medicare approved supplier or provider. These Suppliers must meet strict demands to qualify as a Medicare supplier. They will also be assigned a Medicare supplier number. You can also buy your electric wheelchair from any store that sells them. However, if the supplier from which you order your chair is not enrolled in Medicare, Medicare will not pay for the equipment.

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