Will Medicare Cover the Cost of a Medical Walker or Rollator

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Medicare basically will cover the cost of a medical walker if you have a genuine and honest necessity for it. You will also have to show that you require more support than just a cane or crutches to be able to get around.

Here the Steps you must follow to make sure Medicare will cover the cost of your medical walker :

Your Physician is the only one that can prescribe the mobility equipment for you. So make sure that you do not do anything before you have visited your Doctor.

Also the Physician must document your need for a walker in your medical records. It should backup the claim that supports the medical requirement of the walker for you. As well as give you a signed and dated prescription order for the mobility equipment.
Make sure the order is received by the supplier before Medicare is billed. And it is a must that the supplier keep this on his own Files !!

If you receive your Medicare through a HMO or PPO it is very likely you will have to follow the plan’s steps for approval and purchase of the mobility equipment. Just make a point of calling your plan’s customer service to ask about the requirements for coverage of a medical walker.

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