Part 2-How Much will Medicare Actually Cover for Rollators and Medical Walkers ??

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Okay so you have been approved by Medicare for a rollator to help get you around more conveniently. So the next question is how much will Medicare actually cover ?? Well, it can be a tricky deal when dealing with Medicare and mobility aids like rollators, mobility scooters, and electric wheelchairs.
And it all depends on whether or not you have Part B coverage for Medicare. For general purposes if you are enrolled in Part B here is some of the stipulations :

Be prepared to pay 20% of the approved amount Medicare has deemed okay for the rollator. This is after you have paid the annual deductible.
You will pay much less if you buy from a supplier who ends up accepting Assignment. A supplier who accepts Assignment means that he accepts the terms of Medicare and the full amount in payment. And they will not ask for anything above the 20% deductible.
The fact is that you owe literally nothing if your medical care is thru a Medicare Advantage Health Plan. This just depends on the Plan with which you signed up for and the specific benefits with that Plan.

It is really advisable for you to do your homework and research concerning this matter. Be sure to act in a diligent way and make sure all the paperwork is finished correctly and that you buy your rollator through an approved supplier that accepts assignment.

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Will Medicare Cover Payments for rollators or medical walkers ??

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Medicare will usually cover the cost pertaining to rollators or medical walkers. But only if you have a legitimate and honest need for the device and you can demonstrate that you absolutely require more for your personal mobility than a cane or crutch can provide. To make sure that Medicare does pay for the rollator you need to follow the steps below:

Only your Physician can actually give you a prescription for mobility aids like a rollator. So please DO NOT order anything until you have visited him. No matter what the sales person tries to tell you.
The doctor must also make a complete document of the need in your personal medical records that supports this medical necessity of the rollator. And then he must give you a signed and dated order for the particular mobility equipment.
After this the order must be received by the particular supplier you are ordering the device from. This is before Medicare is billed and it must be kept on the file by the supplier.
Now if you happen to receive Medicare thru an HMO or PPO it is very realistic you will have to follow the plan’s steps for approval and the particular purchase. I would say that you should make a point in calling your Plan’s customer service and ask about the coverage on rollators

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Here are some important laws pertaining to people with disabilities…

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There are a plethora of Federal laws that go to protect the right of people with disabilities. The top main one is the Americans with Disabilities Act or also known as ADA. This law prohibits discrimination in 4 main areas:

1.Employment – The ADA has enforced that is illegal to discriminate or show pejudice against someone with a disability in all aspects of the employment environment. The law also requires that specific employers have to make some reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals who happen to have a disability. For example, if you do have a wheelchair, your employer may be required by Law to install a ramp or modify your workspace.

2.Both State and local government services and public transportation- The ADA makes it mandatory that all government services should be made available and accessible to people with disabilities. These services include but are not solely exclusive to public transportation systems .

3.Public accommodations- The ADA makes it mandatory that all public buildings be totally accessible to people with disabilities. Examples include making aisles wider and doorways and installing ramps for people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Another example is putting up signs in Braille form for people whose disability is blindness.

4.Telecommunications-. The ADA also requires that telephone companies provide specific telephone relay services to people with hearing problems and/or speech impairments .

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Paid Surveys is a Great Tool for People with Disabilities to make extra money…

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I think it is quite obvious that many people with disabilities have a really hard time physically. Being in a wheelchair or being totally incapacitated in a bed can be very debillitating and inconvient to say the least. But along with the physical hardship comes the realization that being disabled can mean having hardships with finances.

I can attest from my own personal view point that this is a big concern among people with disabilities. We all know how hard it is to be approved for disability income. And if you do finally receive it , it can barely pay your bills.

This is where I have found that paid surveys and gpt site offers can really really help you out with this predicament.

With paid surveys big Corporations will actually pay you money for your opinions and preferences about their products and services. This information helps these Corporations make better products and thus increases their Profits.
Paid surveys pay you anywhere from $1 to $150.
And th more surveys you complete the more you will continue to get. And the higher paying they will be.

Its really a great way to add on to your disability income !!

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Bathroom mobility aids are important for many people with disabilities……….

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When people talk about mobility aids and equipment they first think of things like the standard items such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters,stair and lift chairs etc… This is a really an old fashioned way of looking at what is available. If you go and visit a mobility retail shop you will find it really informative. You can shop either online or you can go do it in person.

Bathing and using the toilet is an ongoing problem for many people with disabilities. And this is so important for people to have independence at their personal place of dwelling. From bath boards which snap on top of the bath to bath lifts which will lower down a handicapped person into the bath water, there are numerous products which will make this such an easy process today. When buying a bath lift it is important to make sure that the one you purchase will be able to carry your weight easily. And make sure it has a safety position if the battery is running very low it will give you a lift out of the water and not leave you stranded.

You really need to find one that is light and easy to take apart for those times when you have Guests that are visiting. You also want a good guarantee and Warranty. Look for a minimum of 3 years, and 5 if you can get it. The Dentler bath is a brand of lift that offers all of the above and more. Mobility aids includes bath steps, bath rails and all the items to help with showering as well. Having toilet seats that raise are a necessity for someone with problems with the knees and particularly those who have just had a hip operation. And many commodes are nicely made and come in wicker basket style which look lovely in any bedroom.

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What is the purpose of a commode chair ??

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Commode chairs are very helpful in providing assistance in the bathroom. And elderly people may require it for the following reasons:
-Where illness and sickness has made the body weak and imbalanced. Making trips to the bathroom very difficult and many times dangerous. Btw,the bathroom is a common location for seniors to fall.)

-Surgery has in a temporarily manner left a person too weak to walk the distance to get to the bathroom.

-Joint problems and aging has tended to weaken the legs, and making it very difficult for an elderly person to get on and off the commode.

-Balance problems which make it a struggle for a senior to safely travel to and get on or off the toilet.

How Do commode chairs help?
Its a fact that many falls happen in the bathroom for two specific reasons: one, water and moisture in the air can make bathroom floors very slippery; and two, weakened muscles and imbalance issues can affect an elderly persons ability to get to the bathroom and use the commode. Commode chairs reduce the risk of falling by making it easier to get on and off the toilet. Many of them function as a portable toilet, reducing trips to the bathroom.

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Record Number of People with Disabilities to Vote Today……..

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People with disabilities are expected to vote in record numbers today for the Presidential Election. This is according to the American Association of People (AAPD)with Disabilities, which is the largest disability membership group in the United States !!

Around 20 million voters with disabilities are expected to cast their votes today which is about a 10% increase from most recent elections. This really exhibits to America that voters with disabilities are a powerful voting group in our country and are a force to be reckon with.

It is going to be interesting and I encourage each and everyone to get out and cast your Vote. Your decision might well determine how much disability income and other Benefits you may receive here in the next few years.

Its a very exciting time and its good to know that our Voices can be heard and heard loudly today on Election Day !!

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The benefits of power chairs and some of the best brands………

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Lift chairs or power chairs are very popular among disabled people and are similar to recliners. Power chairs have both a back rest and foot rest. They are both controlled with a remote control. The base of the power chair rises into the air when the remote control is engaged. When the base is fully extended it makes it easier for a disabled person to get up and down from the chair !! Along with the weight capacity and the certain dimensions, power chairs are also classified by the extent which they recline.

Th infinite position power chair will recline to an almost horizontal position. It allows total operation of both the back rest and foot rest. The A 3-position Power chair will also go to an almost horizontal position. The only difference is the foot rest and back rest operate together. The 2-position lift chair, or TV recline power chair, reclines to about 45 degrees. It is great for things like watching television or reading a book !!

Modern power chairs are very well made for the most part and pretty dependable. Manufactures like Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility only use the best and most durable materials. This makes their power chairs some of the very best in the market. A new comer called NexIdea is beginning to make a dent as well and is recognized for making very well made and attractive power chairs.

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