Bathroom mobility aids are important for many people with disabilities……….

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When people talk about mobility aids and equipment they first think of things like the standard items such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters,stair and lift chairs etc… This is a really an old fashioned way of looking at what is available. If you go and visit a mobility retail shop you will find it really informative. You can shop either online or you can go do it in person.

Bathing and using the toilet is an ongoing problem for many people with disabilities. And this is so important for people to have independence at their personal place of dwelling. From bath boards which snap on top of the bath to bath lifts which will lower down a handicapped person into the bath water, there are numerous products which will make this such an easy process today. When buying a bath lift it is important to make sure that the one you purchase will be able to carry your weight easily. And make sure it has a safety position if the battery is running very low it will give you a lift out of the water and not leave you stranded.

You really need to find one that is light and easy to take apart for those times when you have Guests that are visiting. You also want a good guarantee and Warranty. Look for a minimum of 3 years, and 5 if you can get it. The Dentler bath is a brand of lift that offers all of the above and more. Mobility aids includes bath steps, bath rails and all the items to help with showering as well. Having toilet seats that raise are a necessity for someone with problems with the knees and particularly those who have just had a hip operation. And many commodes are nicely made and come in wicker basket style which look lovely in any bedroom.

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