Part 2-How Much will Medicare Actually Cover for Rollators and Medical Walkers ??

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Okay so you have been approved by Medicare for a rollator to help get you around more conveniently. So the next question is how much will Medicare actually cover ?? Well, it can be a tricky deal when dealing with Medicare and mobility aids like rollators, mobility scooters, and electric wheelchairs.
And it all depends on whether or not you have Part B coverage for Medicare. For general purposes if you are enrolled in Part B here is some of the stipulations :

Be prepared to pay 20% of the approved amount Medicare has deemed okay for the rollator. This is after you have paid the annual deductible.
You will pay much less if you buy from a supplier who ends up accepting Assignment. A supplier who accepts Assignment means that he accepts the terms of Medicare and the full amount in payment. And they will not ask for anything above the 20% deductible.
The fact is that you owe literally nothing if your medical care is thru a Medicare Advantage Health Plan. This just depends on the Plan with which you signed up for and the specific benefits with that Plan.

It is really advisable for you to do your homework and research concerning this matter. Be sure to act in a diligent way and make sure all the paperwork is finished correctly and that you buy your rollator through an approved supplier that accepts assignment.

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