What is the purpose of a commode chair ??

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Commode chairs are very helpful in providing assistance in the bathroom. And elderly people may require it for the following reasons:
-Where illness and sickness has made the body weak and imbalanced. Making trips to the bathroom very difficult and many times dangerous. Btw,the bathroom is a common location for seniors to fall.)

-Surgery has in a temporarily manner left a person too weak to walk the distance to get to the bathroom.

-Joint problems and aging has tended to weaken the legs, and making it very difficult for an elderly person to get on and off the commode.

-Balance problems which make it a struggle for a senior to safely travel to and get on or off the toilet.

How Do commode chairs help?
Its a fact that many falls happen in the bathroom for two specific reasons: one, water and moisture in the air can make bathroom floors very slippery; and two, weakened muscles and imbalance issues can affect an elderly persons ability to get to the bathroom and use the commode. Commode chairs reduce the risk of falling by making it easier to get on and off the toilet. Many of them function as a portable toilet, reducing trips to the bathroom.

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