Will Medicare Cover Payments for rollators or medical walkers ??

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Medicare will usually cover the cost pertaining to rollators or medical walkers. But only if you have a legitimate and honest need for the device and you can demonstrate that you absolutely require more for your personal mobility than a cane or crutch can provide. To make sure that Medicare does pay for the rollator you need to follow the steps below:

Only your Physician can actually give you a prescription for mobility aids like a rollator. So please DO NOT order anything until you have visited him. No matter what the sales person tries to tell you.
The doctor must also make a complete document of the need in your personal medical records that supports this medical necessity of the rollator. And then he must give you a signed and dated order for the particular mobility equipment.
After this the order must be received by the particular supplier you are ordering the device from. This is before Medicare is billed and it must be kept on the file by the supplier.
Now if you happen to receive Medicare thru an HMO or PPO it is very realistic you will have to follow the plan’s steps for approval and the particular purchase. I would say that you should make a point in calling your Plan’s customer service and ask about the coverage on rollators

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