Home oxygen is a vital piece of mobility equipment for many !!

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Many people have very serious problems with breathing and Lung conditions that make it almost impossible to function normally on a daily basis. Along with this, these same people have to worry about the costs of this type of mobility equipment. Well, in most cases Medicare will help cover most of the cost of the oxygen equipment for your place of dwelling if you are presently experiencing a breathing problem that it will help improve. The Medicare payment for the home oxygen and supplies is subject to particular requirements that says it is required and viable for treatment of a condition or an injury to improve the living conditions and functioning of the patient. It is important that to make sure Medicare does indeed cover the cost you must follow the steps below :

It is a straightforward Fact that only your Doctor can prescribe to you the oxygen equipment for your home. So please do not bother to order anything before making a formal visit to your doctor !
The doctor must also be able to document the need you have for home oxygen by writing specific information in your actual medical files. And then give you a written prescription that is signed and dated..
Then after this the order must be received by the supplier before Medicare is actually billed. Incidentally, it is important to note that the order must be kept on file by this supplier.

Remember, if you get your Medicare thru a Medicare Medical Advantage Plan, such as a PPO, it is very likely you will have to go by the the plan’s steps to get approval and be able to purchase. Just make it a point to call the customer support number and ask about the steps you need to take to get coverage for the home oxygen !!

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Merry Christmas from MoneyforDisabled.com…….

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Ho-Ho-ho and a Merry Christmas to ALL of you from MoneyforDisabled.com !!
I hope its a great one for all you guys. And I encourage all of you to take a second and give a big hug or a big smile to the close ones in your Lives. Thats what Life is about and that is truly the most important thing.

We have enjoyed bringing you Resources to help better your Lives financially as well as in providing mobility resources and mobility aids to help you have a more easier and fullfilling lifestyle.

Many of you are living with an unsettling disability and I can totally relate to that. But where there is light there is always Hope and NEVER, EVER give up in pursuing a better, more enriched Life for you and your family.

I look forward to 2009 and look forward to continue to bring you the best resources to add a litle light to your Lives 🙂

We will be on vacation the rest of the year here at MoneyforDisabled.com so see you in 2009 !!

Cheers !! 🙂

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What are the types of commode chairs and how do you qualify for one and how much does it cost ?

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So what types of commode chairs can you have access to ??
Well these commode chairs have many styles and colors and come in many sizes. They include:

Stand by themselves toilets for use at the side of a person’s bed or in his bathroom. These come in three basic types:
Standard commode chairs which is basic unit.
Large-wide commode chairs which is for people over 240lbs.
Commode chairs whose arms fold down.
Commode chairs that have wheels.
Very Tall, toilet-covering commode chairs.
Commode chairs that are multi-functioning mobility aids like being a toilet, shower chair, bedside chair or a wheelchair.
Commode chairs that attach to the seat of the toilet making it taller and easier to use.
It is very important that you pick the right commode chair that fits your particular need. Look for a Supplier that is reliable and that will work with you to ensure you find the right one that suits your needs.

So how much does Medicare Pay For?

Medicare will cover your commode chair if it is medically necessary !!

And how do you qualify for a commode chair ??

In order for you to qualify, your Physician must present you with a Prescription for a commode chair. And he must be able to document a need in your medical record. Remember, Medicare requirements and stipulations are different for every type of commode chair !!

How Much Does It Cost for a commode chair ?

You have the option of renting or buying commode chairs. The cost to you will depend on the Medicare coverage you receive. For example:

Medicare usually will cover 80% of the approved amount you get; and you are responsible for the remaining amount of 20%.
If by chance you have what they call a MediGap Supplemental Plan you need to make a phone call and ask what is covered by this particular plan. Sometimes MediGap will pay very little and even nothing at all.
Also if you have Medicare Advantage Plan you need to call their customer service and and ask what will be covered and what part of the cost you will be responsible for.

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What in the World is a commode chair and how does it help people ??

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Never heard of a commode chair ? Well unfortunately many have.
So what is the Purpose of one ?
A commode chair provides bathroom assistance and help especially to many seniors and people with disabilities who may require it for the following reasons:

-Due to sickness of the individual the body has been left very weak and off- balance. This makes the trips to the latrine at times very difficult and potentially dangerous. Make no mistake, the bathroom is a common place for seniors to fall and have accidents.
-Also surgery may have temporarily resulted in a person being too weak to walk to the bathroom.
-Joint problems and aging has weakened the legs, making it difficult for a senior to get on and off the toilet.
-Balance problems that make it very hard and difficult for a senior or a person with disabilities to safely maneuver and get on and off the toilet.

How will the commode chair be of assistance ??

The fact of the matter is that falls happen in the bathroom for two specific reasons: first, water and moisture around in the air can make surfaces in the latrine very unpredictable and slippery; and two, muscles that are weakened and balance problems can really have a detrimental affect in a senior’s ability to get to the bathroom and use the toilet. Commode chairs help limit the risk of an accident by making it easier to get on and off the toilet. And some actually function as a portable toilet. This seems to minimize the number of trips to the bathroom.

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What happens during a hearing exam for hearing devices ??

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When you go get a hearing aid exam for hearing devices, there will be a plethora of open-ended questions. These questions help the hearing device examiner see how the loss of hearing impacts your daily regimen. Now during this exam you want be specific about how and when and where you experience the hearing loss. Lets say for example, at home alone you can hear the radio with no problem , but at a bustling cafe you have trouble hearing your friends. Examples such as this really helps the hearing aid specialist and determining the type of hearing device that would fit your lifestyle. The hearing aid exam will also go over medications, ear drainage or ear pain, your surgery history, any dizziness or vertigo, and if you have any kind of ringing in your ears.

The hearing exam will also use special equipment to test the type of hearing loss you may or may not have. It will be in a sound-controlled booth, and you will wear headphones or also earphones that will make a particular tone or word. And the examiner will proceed to ask you to push a button when you hear certain noises and sounds. This will give the examiner a good idea of the ability of your ears to recognize speech and tones based on a certain level of pitch and intensity. Remember, that there is a distinct posibility that you may have to return to the hearing aid examiner’s office for further testing. This will just depend on your particular individual needs and the types of sounds that you may or may not hear.

Hearing devices have benefitted many, many people who have hearing loss as a disability. It is now one of the largest mobility aids sought after in our country along with mobility scooters !!

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How do you go about getting a hearing exam for hearing devices ??

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A hearing Aids Specialist can be an audiologist, otolaryngologist, or hearing aid professional. This professional can assist you in determining the type of hearing loss you may have acquired and if there is any hearing devices that can be of help!! A professional, such as an audiologist, will be able to determine your hearing loss by administering tests with a variety of equipment. This will substantaite the type of hearing devices you may need, if you need one. At that point of time the hearing aids professional will recommend and fit a hearing device that might be best suited for you.

After your Physician or Audiologist has completed your exam for your particular hearing needs, they will help you choose the type of hearing devices you need. When seeking out a hearing aid specialist make sure that they:

Have a license and are certified
Have correct and standard testing equipment and a sound controlled room
Offer a variety of hearing devices
Will Work for you with you, and that you are very comfortable with them
Make sure they explain costs, warranties, and trial periods as well as the benefits
Seem reasonably competent and offer post-purchase support

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What you need to know about hearing devices and aids and do you need an exam ??

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The AARP states in their writings that loss in hearing is common as people progress in age. Sensorineural is the main type of hearing loss. This type is caused by damage and problems to the hair cells inside the ear. You may want to talk to your Physician about hearing devices if:

-Straining to hear what is being said around you gets to be very tiresome.
-You have to closely look at the movement of one’s mouth to figure out what they are saying.
-You have some difficulty in comprehending words in public or normally very boisterous places, such as a subway or restaurant.
-You are constantly asking others to repeat what they said.
-You struggle in hearing the telephone, doorbell, or house alarms

Do I Need A Hearing Aid Exam?
If you are in a position where it feels like you have decreased hearing then you may want to ask or contact your doctor for a hearing exam.

There are two diferent forms of hearing aid exams for hearing devices. And remember, it is important to understand that only certain haring aid exams are covered by Medicare.

Regular hearing exams are not covered by Medicare. These are the ones that are similiar to regular health check ups.
The other type of hearing aid exam is what they call a diagnostic hearing aid exam. This type of exam is based on a particular medical need for hearing devices. Like a loss of hearing due to illness or surgery. Diagnostic hearing exams are prescribed by a doctor, and are covered by Medicare just as long as they are a prescription due to a medical need.

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