Home oxygen is a vital piece of mobility equipment for many !!

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Many people have very serious problems with breathing and Lung conditions that make it almost impossible to function normally on a daily basis. Along with this, these same people have to worry about the costs of this type of mobility equipment. Well, in most cases Medicare will help cover most of the cost of the oxygen equipment for your place of dwelling if you are presently experiencing a breathing problem that it will help improve. The Medicare payment for the home oxygen and supplies is subject to particular requirements that says it is required and viable for treatment of a condition or an injury to improve the living conditions and functioning of the patient. It is important that to make sure Medicare does indeed cover the cost you must follow the steps below :

It is a straightforward Fact that only your Doctor can prescribe to you the oxygen equipment for your home. So please do not bother to order anything before making a formal visit to your doctor !
The doctor must also be able to document the need you have for home oxygen by writing specific information in your actual medical files. And then give you a written prescription that is signed and dated..
Then after this the order must be received by the supplier before Medicare is actually billed. Incidentally, it is important to note that the order must be kept on file by this supplier.

Remember, if you get your Medicare thru a Medicare Medical Advantage Plan, such as a PPO, it is very likely you will have to go by the the plan’s steps to get approval and be able to purchase. Just make it a point to call the customer support number and ask about the steps you need to take to get coverage for the home oxygen !!

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