What are the types of commode chairs and how do you qualify for one and how much does it cost ?

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So what types of commode chairs can you have access to ??
Well these commode chairs have many styles and colors and come in many sizes. They include:

Stand by themselves toilets for use at the side of a person’s bed or in his bathroom. These come in three basic types:
Standard commode chairs which is basic unit.
Large-wide commode chairs which is for people over 240lbs.
Commode chairs whose arms fold down.
Commode chairs that have wheels.
Very Tall, toilet-covering commode chairs.
Commode chairs that are multi-functioning mobility aids like being a toilet, shower chair, bedside chair or a wheelchair.
Commode chairs that attach to the seat of the toilet making it taller and easier to use.
It is very important that you pick the right commode chair that fits your particular need. Look for a Supplier that is reliable and that will work with you to ensure you find the right one that suits your needs.

So how much does Medicare Pay For?

Medicare will cover your commode chair if it is medically necessary !!

And how do you qualify for a commode chair ??

In order for you to qualify, your Physician must present you with a Prescription for a commode chair. And he must be able to document a need in your medical record. Remember, Medicare requirements and stipulations are different for every type of commode chair !!

How Much Does It Cost for a commode chair ?

You have the option of renting or buying commode chairs. The cost to you will depend on the Medicare coverage you receive. For example:

Medicare usually will cover 80% of the approved amount you get; and you are responsible for the remaining amount of 20%.
If by chance you have what they call a MediGap Supplemental Plan you need to make a phone call and ask what is covered by this particular plan. Sometimes MediGap will pay very little and even nothing at all.
Also if you have Medicare Advantage Plan you need to call their customer service and and ask what will be covered and what part of the cost you will be responsible for.

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