What happens during a hearing exam for hearing devices ??

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When you go get a hearing aid exam for hearing devices, there will be a plethora of open-ended questions. These questions help the hearing device examiner see how the loss of hearing impacts your daily regimen. Now during this exam you want be specific about how and when and where you experience the hearing loss. Lets say for example, at home alone you can hear the radio with no problem , but at a bustling cafe you have trouble hearing your friends. Examples such as this really helps the hearing aid specialist and determining the type of hearing device that would fit your lifestyle. The hearing aid exam will also go over medications, ear drainage or ear pain, your surgery history, any dizziness or vertigo, and if you have any kind of ringing in your ears.

The hearing exam will also use special equipment to test the type of hearing loss you may or may not have. It will be in a sound-controlled booth, and you will wear headphones or also earphones that will make a particular tone or word. And the examiner will proceed to ask you to push a button when you hear certain noises and sounds. This will give the examiner a good idea of the ability of your ears to recognize speech and tones based on a certain level of pitch and intensity. Remember, that there is a distinct posibility that you may have to return to the hearing aid examiner’s office for further testing. This will just depend on your particular individual needs and the types of sounds that you may or may not hear.

Hearing devices have benefitted many, many people who have hearing loss as a disability. It is now one of the largest mobility aids sought after in our country along with mobility scooters !!

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