What you need to know about hearing devices and aids and do you need an exam ??

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The AARP states in their writings that loss in hearing is common as people progress in age. Sensorineural is the main type of hearing loss. This type is caused by damage and problems to the hair cells inside the ear. You may want to talk to your Physician about hearing devices if:

-Straining to hear what is being said around you gets to be very tiresome.
-You have to closely look at the movement of one’s mouth to figure out what they are saying.
-You have some difficulty in comprehending words in public or normally very boisterous places, such as a subway or restaurant.
-You are constantly asking others to repeat what they said.
-You struggle in hearing the telephone, doorbell, or house alarms

Do I Need A Hearing Aid Exam?
If you are in a position where it feels like you have decreased hearing then you may want to ask or contact your doctor for a hearing exam.

There are two diferent forms of hearing aid exams for hearing devices. And remember, it is important to understand that only certain haring aid exams are covered by Medicare.

Regular hearing exams are not covered by Medicare. These are the ones that are similiar to regular health check ups.
The other type of hearing aid exam is what they call a diagnostic hearing aid exam. This type of exam is based on a particular medical need for hearing devices. Like a loss of hearing due to illness or surgery. Diagnostic hearing exams are prescribed by a doctor, and are covered by Medicare just as long as they are a prescription due to a medical need.

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