How Do I Qualify for The Coverage of Home Oxygen ??

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It is necessary that you have Medicare Part B coverage and your physician really must document your need for home oxygen equipment and supplies. Also the doctor must order and write you a prescription for the equipment you need. Your doctor will know the particular standards it takes to qualify for the type of home oxygen equipment being prescribed to you.

And Medicare will pay for the oxygen equipment and supplies when:

-The home oxygen will be used repeatedly.
-The equipment is needed for a specific medical need.
-It is needed for an serious illness or injury.
-It has to be used for the home.

To qualify for home oxygen equipment and supplies:

-Your Physician must have documented evidence of a severe lung disease or other physical condition that obstucts your ability to breathe.
-Your condition might have a distinct possibility of improving with this use of oxygen.
-Your blood and gas level lies within a certain range.
-Other forms of assistance were not effective for you.

Under the above conditions, Medicare helps pay for:

-Systems for providing oxygen.
-Unique Containers that store the oxygen.
-Tubing and related equipment for the delivery of oxygen.
-Oxygen contents.
-Types of portable oxygen units used to help people get around the home.

Medicare will not pay or respond to :

-Oxygen that someone wants to use for sleep only.
-Portable oxygen that is used as just a backup to a permanent oxygen system.

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