So what kind of mobility scooters are there and what can they do to help you ??

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Mobiltiy Scooters have really been of great assistance to helping many people live more convenient and fuller Lives. The fact is there are many types of mobility scooters to meet what you need. They range from medical scooters that can be used for around your house, or mobility scooters that take you as far as 25 miles and even off the road.
Medical scooters fit into 4 categories.

1.Portable Scooters: They are portable and lightweight mobility scooters that are suitable for a person who frequently has to transport a scooter on an ongoing basis..

2.Pavement Scooters: These pavement medical scooters are perfect for everyday use and can really be beneficial for a person who lives in the city and wants to travel a couple of blocks to go to the supermarket or movie theater.

3.Luxury Scooters: Luxury mobility scooters are really more comfortable and more heavy duty than the portable and pavement scooters.They also come with a variety of additonal features.

4. Heavy Duty Scooters: These are pavement and luxury mobility scooters that can carry over 180kg. They are indeed suited for people who might have larger body structures that need to be supported using one of these.

Making the choice in deciding which scooter is right for you is very important. The particular budget you are working with is important as well as the type of style you desire or require. Some of the more popular brands are Pride GoGo and Rascal Scooters.
With the baby boom generation getting older and older the need for medical scooters and other mobility products will increase each and every year.

We recommend that ALL people take the time to get to know about some of the mobility products that can make Life a little easier for everyone. Including grandparents, aunts, uncles etc…

It is such an important issue that effects all of our lives !!

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