So what’s the Reason this Blog exists ??

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I get asked this question frequently. Mainly, the beginning evolution of this Blog has been centered around my own personal experience. I suffered a stroke back in Oct. 2003 and because of disabling deficits that are still present up to this very moment I decided to create this Blog.

I realized that being handicapped and Disabled can be a struggle and a big obstacle to face many people in their Lives. But by no means does this entail that Life is over and Life cannot be lived. On the contary it can and will be lived even if you are facing a crippling lifestyle.

As a result, I felt complled to share valuable resources and information that would help people live a more fullfiled Life even in the light of having disabling challenges.

I have a desire to share some of the financial info. that has helped me supplelment the small income I currently receive. With paid surveys and other internet programs ,I have found it possible to secure a nice flow of monthly cash flow that enhances the financial part of my life.
And I currently list ALL these Programs on the Blog here for your comvenience so you can particpate with them and develop your own money stream.
By no means will you become rich thru these program but they will add on and supplement what you are already geting.
Check them out on the side of the Blog here.

Also, I split this Blog up and included an emphasis on mobility aids like electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters for visitors to be able to take advantage of.

Many disabled people find it helpful with the resources I have for these Mobility products and I am proud that I can provide them with it.

Hope this Post helped in giving you insight to why this Blog exists !!

Cheers !!! 🙂

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