The cost associated with a portable oxygen concentrator and supplies……..

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How much you pay for a stationary and portable oxygen concentrator will greatly be dependant on whether or not you have Part B coverage and the location that you buy your equipment. So if your are enrolled and are a part of Medicare Part B:

You will be required to pay 20% of the approved Medicare amount. This is after you have paid the yearly deductible.
Make a note that you will not pay as much if you buy from a supplier who accepts what they call assignment. A supplier who accepts assignment simply agrees to charge only the Medicare approved dollar amount.
You may owe practically nothing for the portable oxygen concentrator and supplies, if you have a Medicare supplemental plan like Medigap.

You may be limited to who you can go thru the service with if you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage Health Plan !

The monthly allowance for stationary and portable oxygen covers the equipment. Which includes all the oxygen contents like refills for stationary and portable systems; equipment delivery, setup, and maintenance; accessories and supplies; patient education and other services associated with furnishing home oxygen.
Its important that you know that Medicare will pay for oxygen for rental purposes for the first 3 years. After this period of time, if you are still in need of it and your deductible and copays are met, the ownership of the title will be transferred to you. Medicare from then on will refill your stationary and portable oxygen concentrators. As well as any repairs and service of your personal equipment.

It is important to do your homework and take your time when studying the Medicare Plan you are enrolled under.

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