When do you need the use of stair lifts and wheelchair lifts ??

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Each and every year more and more individuals are unfortunately finding themselves becoming disabled and handicapped !! As the Baby Boomers age, we will continue to see this dramatic increase in the amount of people who are becoming unable to get around because of their disability !

As many people start to get older and older in this group, we will find that stair lifts and wheelchair lifts will become increasingly popular !

A stair lift is a device that is mechanical by nature and is designed to for lifting people/wheelchairs up and down a flight of chairs. In many cases when the stairs are very wide, a rail is put in and mounted on the threads of the stairs. And a chair or lifting platform is connected to the rail. Then at this point a individual on the chair is lifted as te chair moves directly along the rail !!

Here is some interesting facts………….Stair lifts are also known by several, different names! A few are chair lifts, stair gliders, wheelchair lifts and by other names. Incidentally, this chair lift is not to be confused with the one’s skiers use.

Here is a little background : Some of the first stair lifts to be produced commercially were advertised and sold in the USA during the time of the 1930s. The Company that produced and sold them was called the Inclinator Company of America.

Electric wheelchairs came into existence by a inventor named George Klein.

There are three general styles of electric wheelchairs that are available: they are rear, center, front wheel driven or four wheel driven. Each style has its own personality. Each style has particular handling characteristics. They are also divided by the kind of seat type; some models resemble manual chairs, with a sling-style seat and frame. Others Will have what they call a’captain’s chair’. It is seating much similar to that of a car.

Electric wheelchairs may be designed specifically just for indoor use or outdoor use, or even both. They will be generally prescribed by a Doctor. And this prescription is intended for people who have difficulty with a manual wheelchair. This may be due to leg, arm, hand,or shoulder disabling conditions.
And many times they will be issued to those who have Heart conditions and troubles ! A individual who has complete function of the upper torso and arms will in general be prescribed a manual wheelchair. Most times insurance will NOT cover an electric wheelchair .

Electric wheelchairs, stair lifts, an wheelchair lifts are devices that have become in many cases a necessity for certain individuals. Without them, these people’s lives would be much different. They really enable them to have fuller more independent lives !!

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Do you tink you need to use a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair ?

Using Wheelchairs and Wheelchair Lifts Doesn’t mean Giving UP on Life…It Means Getting ON with Life !!

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” You have to have a wheelchair to get around “….. When many this news for the first time, it is not good news for anyone! For many this kind of news is something many NEVER thought they would hear.

Most all of us are conditioned to think of using a wheelchair or an electric wheelchair in very negative terms. First, we must deal with our extreme reluctance to want to change and be put in a unnatural environment !! And then we have to deal with the shock, grief, frustration, and loss. Many will have to deal with issues concerning rehabilitation too. Also there is the effects of having to deal with the stereotypes of people who have to use wheelchairs/ electric wheelchairs and wheelchair lifts.

There are many reasons why people have to use wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs. They include a sudden change or an accident that takes away their ability to walk. Other times it can a gradual change that happens to them and results in the need for a wheelchair. But whatever it is the bottom line is it usually is a big change !

Change can affect each one of us differently. When we can’t do things the way we have always done them, it creates a lot of feelings including anger and frustration. Also Sadness can over take us as well as confusion and sometimes even despair. Things can seem hopeless and the feelings of loss of control in one’s Life can seem overwhelming. The inability to walk or move around as before can be very hard to deal with.

One therapeutic way for people to deal with this Loss is to talk to others who have been through the same experience. This can be very helpful. Peer support groups can really help a person sort out their frustration and loss and give them hope in having a fruitful Life. There are particular counselors who have experience in this area and can be helpful to those who have had a loss mobility !!

Accepting the reality of using a wheelchair or electric wheelchair does NOT mean “giving up.” Actually it means “getting on “…..with Life that is. Rather than giving up on things it is better to try and get back and do the things you once did before. ‘Acceptance’ really open ups the door to developing your own self-awareness !! Having self-concept and self-awareness takes all the positive attributes about your Life and implements them into a new way of Living. This means a new way of getting around and becoming more mobile in Life !!

One of the positive results of acceptance is ” adaptation”. This means being able to find another way to do things that you once did before ! Here you get to use your creativeness with solving new problems and in many cases people get a feeling of exaltation in learning to do things using their imagination. Things that they took for granted before now take a little bit of thought and work to accomplish. This will add to their confidence and give them a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment in their new lives.
Many describe it as rewarding and something they could have NEVER imagined doing in the beginning of their journey !!

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Here are Some of the Top Wheelchair Accessories for Electric Wheelchairs and Manuel Wheelchairs….

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Some important accessories for wheelchairs with a empathises on Manuel wheelchairs !

A place to put your drink

This is really helpful when you are on the run and about and out. You easily attach a clip on the wheelchair holder so you will be able to have access to liquid. A very popular clip gadget is called the ‘drink thing’. It will fit a whole slew of different size containers. It will clip neatly onto the frame of any wheelchair. This is very good for those hot Summer months when you have to be out and about !

Protection for Your Hands

Manuel wheechairs can put quite the strain on your hands. These gloves were developed by wheelchair users. They make wheelchair use more comfortable with protection against blisters and callouses. But they are light and very comfortable to use and wear. Also Globeleather gloves provide even more comfort and protection. They have been described as the ‘best wheelchair gloves available’ !!

Having More Storage and Saving Space

There is a handy device for packing things neatly away. And providing more space to store items is called an under the seat wheelchair pouch !!. This great little device snaps securely and easily to the wheelchair with buckles. And nicely hides away under the wheelchair. Its really a great accessory as it provides storage and can be easily accessed from the front by the user.

Having additional Padding and Security

Having an additional secured wheelchair belt will give you more confidence in being protected. It criss-crosses across the back of the wheelchair and conveniently loops around the levers. This is also washable in any machine and is constructed of heavy duty nylon. It fits snugly around the hips.

Space Saving Oxygen

This device is really ideal for people with emphysema and other serious respiratory ailments. Its called a CarryON wheelchair bag…..and conveniently stores oxygen tanks out of the way. A large mesh bag conveniently stores one to two ‘E’ Cylinder tanks . Included is a l cannula pouch that is washable by machine.

Continue to Work on the Go

Many people have visual problems as their disability. If this is the e case then a transparent tray could be the answer for you. It attaches to all different types of wheelchairs. It has an aluminium lip that will keep the tray from falling down. The see through transparency of the Tray will provide a clear line of sight to your lap area. And provides a real robust platform enabling you to perform tasks and do some work. The tray can easily be attached and detached with straps that attach to the wheelchair.

Have Some Added Comfort

They have available a cushion that is made from silicon gel and foam. This ideal for relieving any discomfort or pressure areas at all times.

Accessibility Accessory

The wheelchair ramp is vital to many. Its mostly constructed of aluminium. It’s lightweight and also very portable and ideal for out and around buildings, homes,stairs, and cars. Wheelchair ramps come in a variety of different sizes and options for portability. These wheelchair ramps can also many times be used for mobility scooters. They are very durable and tough !!

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Whats happening around the World with Mobility Scooters ??

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One of the biggest stories these days concerning mobility scooters is that MPs are currently insisting on drivers and users of scooters. There has been a large number of accidents in the last few years with mobility scooters . And this has caused the government to take attention and consider mobility scooter owners to take driving lessons !
Under some new government proposals , owners of mobility scooters would have to show evidence that they can run and operate a scooter !! And not pose a threat to the public.

Despite all the hype from the Media concerning these accidents and mishaps, the charity Help the Aged however says have responded to MPs that is was ‘largely a creation of the media’. And to go om with this the Dept. of Transportation has maintained that his issue was not really such a big deal.

Now for some lighter news concerning mobility scooters : Charnwood Borough Council has purchased an inventory of all terrain Mobility Scooters. This is for the purpose so more people can enjoy more popular and beautiful destinations around Loughborough,UK !
And now the Helen Jean Cope Trust has purchased a second scooter. This is to allow even ore people with disabilities to get around the 100 acre site of the SSI.
This is such promising news for people who have disabilities and want get out and see the different tourist destinations.

Youtube- The ever growing media site has had the most popular pavement scooters make an appearance with highly popular videos.

Scooters can really make a difference in people’s lives. Without them , people would not be able to get around and their lives would be highly limited.
Mobility Scooters is really a simple way to allow people to have fuller and more enriched lives as it enables them to go to more places whenever they so should choose !!

Some of the top brands for mobility scooters include Rascal, Pride,Invacare, and Drive Medical. Be sure to do proper research before you decide to make a decision which scooter you want to go with.
These Models are all worthy ones to choose from. So whichever one you do choose you should be in good hands.

Remember, electric wheelchairs are very quality assistance mobility aids but sometimes a person will have to go on a terrain that demands the capability of a mobility scooter. So it is beneficial if you qualify to have both these type of mobility aids !!

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