Here are Some of the Top Wheelchair Accessories for Electric Wheelchairs and Manuel Wheelchairs….

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Some important accessories for wheelchairs with a empathises on Manuel wheelchairs !

A place to put your drink

This is really helpful when you are on the run and about and out. You easily attach a clip on the wheelchair holder so you will be able to have access to liquid. A very popular clip gadget is called the ‘drink thing’. It will fit a whole slew of different size containers. It will clip neatly onto the frame of any wheelchair. This is very good for those hot Summer months when you have to be out and about !

Protection for Your Hands

Manuel wheechairs can put quite the strain on your hands. These gloves were developed by wheelchair users. They make wheelchair use more comfortable with protection against blisters and callouses. But they are light and very comfortable to use and wear. Also Globeleather gloves provide even more comfort and protection. They have been described as the ‘best wheelchair gloves available’ !!

Having More Storage and Saving Space

There is a handy device for packing things neatly away. And providing more space to store items is called an under the seat wheelchair pouch !!. This great little device snaps securely and easily to the wheelchair with buckles. And nicely hides away under the wheelchair. Its really a great accessory as it provides storage and can be easily accessed from the front by the user.

Having additional Padding and Security

Having an additional secured wheelchair belt will give you more confidence in being protected. It criss-crosses across the back of the wheelchair and conveniently loops around the levers. This is also washable in any machine and is constructed of heavy duty nylon. It fits snugly around the hips.

Space Saving Oxygen

This device is really ideal for people with emphysema and other serious respiratory ailments. Its called a CarryON wheelchair bag…..and conveniently stores oxygen tanks out of the way. A large mesh bag conveniently stores one to two ‘E’ Cylinder tanks . Included is a l cannula pouch that is washable by machine.

Continue to Work on the Go

Many people have visual problems as their disability. If this is the e case then a transparent tray could be the answer for you. It attaches to all different types of wheelchairs. It has an aluminium lip that will keep the tray from falling down. The see through transparency of the Tray will provide a clear line of sight to your lap area. And provides a real robust platform enabling you to perform tasks and do some work. The tray can easily be attached and detached with straps that attach to the wheelchair.

Have Some Added Comfort

They have available a cushion that is made from silicon gel and foam. This ideal for relieving any discomfort or pressure areas at all times.

Accessibility Accessory

The wheelchair ramp is vital to many. Its mostly constructed of aluminium. It’s lightweight and also very portable and ideal for out and around buildings, homes,stairs, and cars. Wheelchair ramps come in a variety of different sizes and options for portability. These wheelchair ramps can also many times be used for mobility scooters. They are very durable and tough !!

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