Using Wheelchairs and Wheelchair Lifts Doesn’t mean Giving UP on Life…It Means Getting ON with Life !!

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” You have to have a wheelchair to get around “….. When many this news for the first time, it is not good news for anyone! For many this kind of news is something many NEVER thought they would hear.

Most all of us are conditioned to think of using a wheelchair or an electric wheelchair in very negative terms. First, we must deal with our extreme reluctance to want to change and be put in a unnatural environment !! And then we have to deal with the shock, grief, frustration, and loss. Many will have to deal with issues concerning rehabilitation too. Also there is the effects of having to deal with the stereotypes of people who have to use wheelchairs/ electric wheelchairs and wheelchair lifts.

There are many reasons why people have to use wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs. They include a sudden change or an accident that takes away their ability to walk. Other times it can a gradual change that happens to them and results in the need for a wheelchair. But whatever it is the bottom line is it usually is a big change !

Change can affect each one of us differently. When we can’t do things the way we have always done them, it creates a lot of feelings including anger and frustration. Also Sadness can over take us as well as confusion and sometimes even despair. Things can seem hopeless and the feelings of loss of control in one’s Life can seem overwhelming. The inability to walk or move around as before can be very hard to deal with.

One therapeutic way for people to deal with this Loss is to talk to others who have been through the same experience. This can be very helpful. Peer support groups can really help a person sort out their frustration and loss and give them hope in having a fruitful Life. There are particular counselors who have experience in this area and can be helpful to those who have had a loss mobility !!

Accepting the reality of using a wheelchair or electric wheelchair does NOT mean “giving up.” Actually it means “getting on “…..with Life that is. Rather than giving up on things it is better to try and get back and do the things you once did before. ‘Acceptance’ really open ups the door to developing your own self-awareness !! Having self-concept and self-awareness takes all the positive attributes about your Life and implements them into a new way of Living. This means a new way of getting around and becoming more mobile in Life !!

One of the positive results of acceptance is ” adaptation”. This means being able to find another way to do things that you once did before ! Here you get to use your creativeness with solving new problems and in many cases people get a feeling of exaltation in learning to do things using their imagination. Things that they took for granted before now take a little bit of thought and work to accomplish. This will add to their confidence and give them a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment in their new lives.
Many describe it as rewarding and something they could have NEVER imagined doing in the beginning of their journey !!

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