Whats happening around the World with Mobility Scooters ??

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One of the biggest stories these days concerning mobility scooters is that MPs are currently insisting on drivers and users of scooters. There has been a large number of accidents in the last few years with mobility scooters . And this has caused the government to take attention and consider mobility scooter owners to take driving lessons !
Under some new government proposals , owners of mobility scooters would have to show evidence that they can run and operate a scooter !! And not pose a threat to the public.

Despite all the hype from the Media concerning these accidents and mishaps, the charity Help the Aged however says have responded to MPs that is was ‘largely a creation of the media’. And to go om with this the Dept. of Transportation has maintained that his issue was not really such a big deal.

Now for some lighter news concerning mobility scooters : Charnwood Borough Council has purchased an inventory of all terrain Mobility Scooters. This is for the purpose so more people can enjoy more popular and beautiful destinations around Loughborough,UK !
And now the Helen Jean Cope Trust has purchased a second scooter. This is to allow even ore people with disabilities to get around the 100 acre site of the SSI.
This is such promising news for people who have disabilities and want get out and see the different tourist destinations.

Youtube- The ever growing media site has had the most popular pavement scooters make an appearance with highly popular videos.

Scooters can really make a difference in people’s lives. Without them , people would not be able to get around and their lives would be highly limited.
Mobility Scooters is really a simple way to allow people to have fuller and more enriched lives as it enables them to go to more places whenever they so should choose !!

Some of the top brands for mobility scooters include Rascal, Pride,Invacare, and Drive Medical. Be sure to do proper research before you decide to make a decision which scooter you want to go with.
These Models are all worthy ones to choose from. So whichever one you do choose you should be in good hands.

Remember, electric wheelchairs are very quality assistance mobility aids but sometimes a person will have to go on a terrain that demands the capability of a mobility scooter. So it is beneficial if you qualify to have both these type of mobility aids !!

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