When do you need the use of stair lifts and wheelchair lifts ??

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Each and every year more and more individuals are unfortunately finding themselves becoming disabled and handicapped !! As the Baby Boomers age, we will continue to see this dramatic increase in the amount of people who are becoming unable to get around because of their disability !

As many people start to get older and older in this group, we will find that stair lifts and wheelchair lifts will become increasingly popular !

A stair lift is a device that is mechanical by nature and is designed to for lifting people/wheelchairs up and down a flight of chairs. In many cases when the stairs are very wide, a rail is put in and mounted on the threads of the stairs. And a chair or lifting platform is connected to the rail. Then at this point a individual on the chair is lifted as te chair moves directly along the rail !!

Here is some interesting facts………….Stair lifts are also known by several, different names! A few are chair lifts, stair gliders, wheelchair lifts and by other names. Incidentally, this chair lift is not to be confused with the one’s skiers use.

Here is a little background : Some of the first stair lifts to be produced commercially were advertised and sold in the USA during the time of the 1930s. The Company that produced and sold them was called the Inclinator Company of America.

Electric wheelchairs came into existence by a inventor named George Klein.

There are three general styles of electric wheelchairs that are available: they are rear, center, front wheel driven or four wheel driven. Each style has its own personality. Each style has particular handling characteristics. They are also divided by the kind of seat type; some models resemble manual chairs, with a sling-style seat and frame. Others Will have what they call a’captain’s chair’. It is seating much similar to that of a car.

Electric wheelchairs may be designed specifically just for indoor use or outdoor use, or even both. They will be generally prescribed by a Doctor. And this prescription is intended for people who have difficulty with a manual wheelchair. This may be due to leg, arm, hand,or shoulder disabling conditions.
And many times they will be issued to those who have Heart conditions and troubles ! A individual who has complete function of the upper torso and arms will in general be prescribed a manual wheelchair. Most times insurance will NOT cover an electric wheelchair .

Electric wheelchairs, stair lifts, an wheelchair lifts are devices that have become in many cases a necessity for certain individuals. Without them, these people’s lives would be much different. They really enable them to have fuller more independent lives !!

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