Chair Lifts and Stair Lifts can be so beneficial to many Needy people who are Disabled !!

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Many needy people with disabilities have a huge need for stair lifts and chair lifts !! These two mobility devices provide a great way for these people to be able to get up to higher places that stairs could only get before !! Chair lifts are very efficient and simple to operate . It really makes it so easy to be able to get up and down stairways !!

Here are just a few of the incredible features and benefits of stair lifts !!

They are cleverly designed and constructed. The colors and sizes are available in many ways. There is also some safety benefits that are included. Here they are :

– Has several options like sensors to detect any obstructions that could get in the way
– Has a secure safety belt
– The power button to turn it off is controlled by the slightest touch
• Has a foot rest that turns up
. Comes with a swivel like seat that is very convenient

You can put and install stair lifts and chair lifts on a straight or curved stairway. This is without any kind of structural change !!

Please be sure to realize that you need to do research because these devices are big ticket items. Only go to a reliable manufacturer.

Here is a list of same quality dealers and manufacturers of stair lifts and chair lifts : They include Savaria Concord and Bruno Electra-Ride Elite, StairGlide® Stair Lift, Flow StairLift and Citia Stair Lift.

I hope this gives you a little more insight to these really helpful mobility devices !!

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What is a Medical Chair

What is Better a Medical Walker or a Rollator ??

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One big question we hear a lot about is whether one would be better off with a medical walker or rollator ?? So lets just do a little comparison to see which one would be a better suit for you.

First of all it’s probably more or less true that a rollator is not as well known as a medical walker………Generally speaking medical walkers are disability devices that have four legs and two handles that you use to lift up on and place in front of you for balancing yourself and providing stability when walking. Whereas a rollator has wheels where the legs are. Some vary with having 3 wheels and 4 wheels. And some are also equipped with locking systems and breaking systems to provide safety and stability. Both rollators and walkers can be collapsed for easy storage or for travel purposes.

Both are used by individuals who require more support than a typical walking stick or cane. Its pretty obvious that the true magic of a rollator is the wheels on its legs !! This offers ease of movement and convenience for the disabled person. Some people find the constant lifting and then walking of a medical walker to be very strenous and uncomfortable. This can really be more of a hinderance than a help. So next time think about whether or not you or your loved one is not putting their walker to use because of this fact. Does the medical walker cause a feeling of being isolated or a lack of mobility ?? Do things like going to the Mall or Supermarket seem like a real big inconvenience ??

If you find this to be the case then you might really consider the purchase of a rollator. A rollator provides all the benfits of a traditional medical walker but is much easier to use. Many will find once they do get a rollator and learn how to use it that going to the store or church is a lot more easier and enjoyable !! You find out that you can once again get out and be a part of the World and get back to exercising and seeing more of your friends and family !!

What to do if Your Mobility Scooter or Electric Wheelchair Breaks Down ??

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Anyone that has a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair will find out that sooner or later there will be wear and tear that must be attended to.
Your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair may be very nice looking , compact, and absolutely perfect for your complicated Life , but the fact is that breakdowns will occur !

So if your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair breaks down where do you take it to get it fixed??
Are there any electric mobility repair shops around?

The fact is that a mobility scooter and electric wheelchair operate on simple and common electrical components. So you can have it repaired at a local motor shop or electronic retailer.

If going to your local electronic repair shop is not an option for you , then your best way to deal with this would be to contact the dealer you bought this electric mobility device from ! They will give you the best advice on all the avenues that are available for you to get it fixed at. And many of the dealers will have a network of people that they know who can get the job done.

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Also, make it a point to see if your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair is still covered under Warranty so it can be fixed for free ! It should only take a few days to be repaired. And if its minor damage maybe only a few hours.

Lastly, just a reminder if your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair is NOT used enough it can also be damaged from inactivity. Moisture and heat can cause a breakdown just sitting there. So place it in a area free of moisture and extreme heat !!

Hope this helps some of you in maintaining your mobility aids and equipment.

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An Important Continuing Topic: Mobility Scooters vs. Electric Wheelchairs

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Mobility aids is something in one way or the other affects all of us whether we want to admit or not. Most of the times it is through age, disease, or accident which causes many to have the need to purchase and use some sort of mobility product !!

People who experience a disability it could be just a momentary hurdle while with others it can be a more permanent situation. Whether it is one or the other,deciding what device to use to get around is very important and can be mind changing.

In the past, the most taken path people with disabilities took to go with was wheelchairs. Wheelchairs actually come in two different forms. There is the manual wheelchair which moves through thru wheel rims or even a lever. The other kind is the electric wheelchair Which is powered by rechargeable batteries.

The second other kind of similar mobility device is called mobility scooters . The funny thing is these contraptions look like what a regular scooter little jr played with as a kid. But it functions like an electric wheelchair. They come in two forms, a Class 2 on-road type and a Class 2 on-pavement type.

So now that we have identified these two types of mobility products how do you know which one is best for you ??
Here is a few questions that you really need to ask……….

First of all, what is the possibility that you will be required to stay in your mobility device for an extended period of time ? Is there that reality that you will need to remain in your device for a large quantity of the day ?? If you sincerely see this as a possibility then the electric wheelchair or manual wheelchair is the right one for you. The reason being is that it offers the very best support for head, neck , feet and torso.

Another question you need to ask is whether you have the overall strength and physical fitness to actually power the mobility aid ?? Do have the overall strength to power the device. If you do not have the power do this then you will need a electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. dont you will need a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter !

Here are some more questions…………
Can you sit at a upright position on your very own ??

And is it easy for you to be able to sit upright ?? The steering mechanism of a scooter demands that you have unsupported upright posture. You are also going to need some strength in your shoulder and the hands area as well as in your upper chest area !!

You will also need to ask what is the type of terrain you will be travelling over ? It is a fact that mobility scooters will have some problems covering some kinds of surfaces.

Finally you will need to ask whether it will be likely that you will be travelling through the Air or on the Railroads ?? Mobility Scooters are lighter but wheelchairs can fold up pretty nicely and makes things more convenient !!

Both mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs have been a godsend to many. Mobility aids like this are very important in many peoples’ lives. It can determine whether or not these people have fulfilling and quality lives or not !!

Hope this helps in making your decision a little easier !

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Wheelchair Ramps can be Life Saving to Many…………….

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So what is exactly a wheelchair ramp ?? Well, the wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane that is used with or in addition to regular stairs. In recent times, it has been a true Godsend to many people who have to rely on mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs for their means of transportation. I know of several close friends and family who without these devices would have a quality of Life that would be so much more less !! Wheelchair ramps two decades ago were virtually unheard of. People with disabilities were just flat out of luck in many places where steps were the only option. What wheelchair ramps do is permit manual and electric wheelchair users to access buildings or houses where they could not do before. Also people pushing strollers, carts or other wheeled devices get the benefit of these ramps !

Wheelchair ramps come in a large array of styles and each is intended for a different purpose. Basically, there are 3 different types of wheelchair ramps. The first one is known as the permanent ramp. It is designed and intended to be bolted or cemented to secure it. The second is the semi-permanent ramps . They rest on the topside of the ground or on a cement pad. They are used for temporary purposes. Lastly ,are the portable ramps which are very light and usually made of aluminum. They fold up for easy transportation.

Ramps must be meticulously designed in order achieve utility. It’s a fact that many areas of the Country have established standards and certain specifications for permanent wheelchair ramps that must be followed. An example would be in some places it is required to have a width of at least 36 inches for a wheelchair ramp with the slope not being steeper than 1 inch of rise for every 12 inches of length. A rise that is less steep makes it easier for a wheelchair user to maneuver around. And is safer in icy and frigid conditions !

Thank goodness for the Americans with Disabilities Act. This makes it mandatory for ALL public building and facilities to have wheelchair lifts and wheelchair ramps and any other devices to help people with disabilities to take advantage of and be able to access a facility !

On a personal note my Uncle was a quadriplegic who contracted Polio in the early
60’s. He used an electric wheelchair for many, many years and I can still remember clearly seeing him get up to his wheelchair stair lifts on his accessible van and go into work as an Internist at the local Hospital. He was a very big inspiration to me and my family. I am just so proud to live in a Country where we have been continually adding new facilities like stair lifts and wheelchair ramps to building and facilities to make it easier for people with disabilities like my Uncle !!

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Factors to Consider when choosing Electric Wheelchairs……..

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Today, I want to rehash an important topic here at our Blog.
There are some important factors that you really need to consider before choosing a manual wheelchair or electric wheelchair supplier !!

It is a pure and simple fact that there are two types of suppliers you have to deal with when talking about mobility aids. The first kind is the ones that are currently participating and then there are those who are enrolled but have decided not to participate.

Those Suppliers that are participating must really accept Assignment. What this means is that they agree to accept a pre-set fee for the wheelchair or electric wheelchair . And it is mandatory they can not charge more than the Medicare allowed billing.
You must also realize that a Supplier who is Medicare approved and decides not to participate can charge more than the actual Medicare approved amount. But also realize that they may under no circumstance charge more than 15% above the approved Medicare amount. And it also may be a requirement that you may have to pay the complete bill when you pick up the electric wheelchair. If by some chance this does occur, Medicare will send the reimbursement directly to you. However, do not be surprised if you have to wait around for a few months before you receive this full payment.

You really need to take in to consideration if you receive your Medicare coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan such as a PPO or HMO, it is more than likely that the Plan will have its own specifications for the purchase ! And with this Plan there could be some restrictions on the Provider from which you purchase from. Also realize that your Health Plan must meet the levels of supply to at least what Medicare covers. It cannot be lower than this. Depending what Plan you are enrolled under, you could in fact receive more coverage with the Plan you are already with than you could receive with Medicare . It really is important and just good business sense to call your Medicare Advantage Plan’s customer service and ask about your coverage before ordering any electric wheelchairs.

This process is a time consuming one that can be difficult and frustrating at times. But remember it is also a very important issue because for many it can be the difference between a Life full of free mobility or a Life full of Limitations.
So take your time and be sure to do your homework and investigate to see what is your best alternative.

Here at we try to bring you all the facts and all the timely information that will make it easier for you to make an informed issues about mobility aids and which one is best for you !!

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What is the Normal Ranges for Medical Scooters and the Different Types….

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The typical range of medical scooters or mobility scooters depends upon several factors. The factors include users of the medical scooter’s weight, the ground level, distances needed to be traveled and temperature all can have an effect on the life of the battery. In normal circumstances it will go anywhere from 5-25 miles on just one charge. However, you can get Batteries that will extend this charge. Almost all medical scooters will have a battery that will charge overnight which is approximately 6 to 9 hours !!.

The powered medical scooter has really become an effective and efficient alternative to the electric wheelchair !! Its one of the most popular mobility aids ever !! In the early days of medical scooters they were tiny , front-wheel drive models that were designed for the main use being indoors. They had very limited range and power !!
In the new models they offer much greater range and the unique ability to drive over very adverse terrain. Most mobility scooters have a very wide range of options. You just need to look and evaluate them and decide which is most appropriate for you.

Different Types of Medical Scooters

1. 3 Wheeled Medical Scooters – These type of electric scooters are the most maneuverable and the most flexible on the market. If you have a very small Living space or need to constantly squeeze in tight places to get around then these scooters are probably the best for you. The have a really high degree of radius in their turn which really allow them to make most turns that 4 wheeled scooters can simply Not !!

2.4 Wheeled Mobility Scooters – Okay, say you have a large Living space with easy to maneuver areas to get around in ?? Well, then the 4 wheeled scooter would probably be your best bet to go with. It is simply designed for more general stability and less for maneuverability. It’s definitely not better for those tight spaces but it is really great for outdoor use !

3.Fold Up Medical Scooters – Say you are a person dealing with a disability but still like to take trips or find it a necessity to take long trips ?? Well, then fold up mobility scooters are probably going to help you out in these circumstances. They are specifically designed for those who take long . frequent trips. They are a Godsend to many and really assists people to continue on with their normal Lives even with a debilitating condition.

We hope this helps give you a little insight into mobility scooters and the different types available.

In recent years they have been life changing products to many with an long term affliction and disability !! 🙂

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