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Today, I want to rehash an important topic here at our Blog.
There are some important factors that you really need to consider before choosing a manual wheelchair or electric wheelchair supplier !!

It is a pure and simple fact that there are two types of suppliers you have to deal with when talking about mobility aids. The first kind is the ones that are currently participating and then there are those who are enrolled but have decided not to participate.

Those Suppliers that are participating must really accept Assignment. What this means is that they agree to accept a pre-set fee for the wheelchair or electric wheelchair . And it is mandatory they can not charge more than the Medicare allowed billing.
You must also realize that a Supplier who is Medicare approved and decides not to participate can charge more than the actual Medicare approved amount. But also realize that they may under no circumstance charge more than 15% above the approved Medicare amount. And it also may be a requirement that you may have to pay the complete bill when you pick up the electric wheelchair. If by some chance this does occur, Medicare will send the reimbursement directly to you. However, do not be surprised if you have to wait around for a few months before you receive this full payment.

You really need to take in to consideration if you receive your Medicare coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan such as a PPO or HMO, it is more than likely that the Plan will have its own specifications for the purchase ! And with this Plan there could be some restrictions on the Provider from which you purchase from. Also realize that your Health Plan must meet the levels of supply to at least what Medicare covers. It cannot be lower than this. Depending what Plan you are enrolled under, you could in fact receive more coverage with the Plan you are already with than you could receive with Medicare . It really is important and just good business sense to call your Medicare Advantage Plan’s customer service and ask about your coverage before ordering any electric wheelchairs.

This process is a time consuming one that can be difficult and frustrating at times. But remember it is also a very important issue because for many it can be the difference between a Life full of free mobility or a Life full of Limitations.
So take your time and be sure to do your homework and investigate to see what is your best alternative.

Here at MoneyforDisabled.com we try to bring you all the facts and all the timely information that will make it easier for you to make an informed issues about mobility aids and which one is best for you !!

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