What is Better a Medical Walker or a Rollator ??

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One big question we hear a lot about is whether one would be better off with a medical walker or rollator ?? So lets just do a little comparison to see which one would be a better suit for you.

First of all it’s probably more or less true that a rollator is not as well known as a medical walker………Generally speaking medical walkers are disability devices that have four legs and two handles that you use to lift up on and place in front of you for balancing yourself and providing stability when walking. Whereas a rollator has wheels where the legs are. Some vary with having 3 wheels and 4 wheels. And some are also equipped with locking systems and breaking systems to provide safety and stability. Both rollators and walkers can be collapsed for easy storage or for travel purposes.

Both are used by individuals who require more support than a typical walking stick or cane. Its pretty obvious that the true magic of a rollator is the wheels on its legs !! This offers ease of movement and convenience for the disabled person. Some people find the constant lifting and then walking of a medical walker to be very strenous and uncomfortable. This can really be more of a hinderance than a help. So next time think about whether or not you or your loved one is not putting their walker to use because of this fact. Does the medical walker cause a feeling of being isolated or a lack of mobility ?? Do things like going to the Mall or Supermarket seem like a real big inconvenience ??

If you find this to be the case then you might really consider the purchase of a rollator. A rollator provides all the benfits of a traditional medical walker but is much easier to use. Many will find once they do get a rollator and learn how to use it that going to the store or church is a lot more easier and enjoyable !! You find out that you can once again get out and be a part of the World and get back to exercising and seeing more of your friends and family !!

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