What is the Normal Ranges for Medical Scooters and the Different Types….

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The typical range of medical scooters or mobility scooters depends upon several factors. The factors include users of the medical scooter’s weight, the ground level, distances needed to be traveled and temperature all can have an effect on the life of the battery. In normal circumstances it will go anywhere from 5-25 miles on just one charge. However, you can get Batteries that will extend this charge. Almost all medical scooters will have a battery that will charge overnight which is approximately 6 to 9 hours !!.

The powered medical scooter has really become an effective and efficient alternative to the electric wheelchair !! Its one of the most popular mobility aids ever !! In the early days of medical scooters they were tiny , front-wheel drive models that were designed for the main use being indoors. They had very limited range and power !!
In the new models they offer much greater range and the unique ability to drive over very adverse terrain. Most mobility scooters have a very wide range of options. You just need to look and evaluate them and decide which is most appropriate for you.

Different Types of Medical Scooters

1. 3 Wheeled Medical Scooters – These type of electric scooters are the most maneuverable and the most flexible on the market. If you have a very small Living space or need to constantly squeeze in tight places to get around then these scooters are probably the best for you. The have a really high degree of radius in their turn which really allow them to make most turns that 4 wheeled scooters can simply Not !!

2.4 Wheeled Mobility Scooters – Okay, say you have a large Living space with easy to maneuver areas to get around in ?? Well, then the 4 wheeled scooter would probably be your best bet to go with. It is simply designed for more general stability and less for maneuverability. It’s definitely not better for those tight spaces but it is really great for outdoor use !

3.Fold Up Medical Scooters – Say you are a person dealing with a disability but still like to take trips or find it a necessity to take long trips ?? Well, then fold up mobility scooters are probably going to help you out in these circumstances. They are specifically designed for those who take long . frequent trips. They are a Godsend to many and really assists people to continue on with their normal Lives even with a debilitating condition.

We hope this helps give you a little insight into mobility scooters and the different types available.

In recent years they have been life changing products to many with an long term affliction and disability !! 🙂

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