Wheelchair Ramps can be Life Saving to Many…………….

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So what is exactly a wheelchair ramp ?? Well, the wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane that is used with or in addition to regular stairs. In recent times, it has been a true Godsend to many people who have to rely on mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs for their means of transportation. I know of several close friends and family who without these devices would have a quality of Life that would be so much more less !! Wheelchair ramps two decades ago were virtually unheard of. People with disabilities were just flat out of luck in many places where steps were the only option. What wheelchair ramps do is permit manual and electric wheelchair users to access buildings or houses where they could not do before. Also people pushing strollers, carts or other wheeled devices get the benefit of these ramps !

Wheelchair ramps come in a large array of styles and each is intended for a different purpose. Basically, there are 3 different types of wheelchair ramps. The first one is known as the permanent ramp. It is designed and intended to be bolted or cemented to secure it. The second is the semi-permanent ramps . They rest on the topside of the ground or on a cement pad. They are used for temporary purposes. Lastly ,are the portable ramps which are very light and usually made of aluminum. They fold up for easy transportation.

Ramps must be meticulously designed in order achieve utility. It’s a fact that many areas of the Country have established standards and certain specifications for permanent wheelchair ramps that must be followed. An example would be in some places it is required to have a width of at least 36 inches for a wheelchair ramp with the slope not being steeper than 1 inch of rise for every 12 inches of length. A rise that is less steep makes it easier for a wheelchair user to maneuver around. And is safer in icy and frigid conditions !

Thank goodness for the Americans with Disabilities Act. This makes it mandatory for ALL public building and facilities to have wheelchair lifts and wheelchair ramps and any other devices to help people with disabilities to take advantage of and be able to access a facility !

On a personal note my Uncle was a quadriplegic who contracted Polio in the early
60’s. He used an electric wheelchair for many, many years and I can still remember clearly seeing him get up to his wheelchair stair lifts on his accessible van and go into work as an Internist at the local Hospital. He was a very big inspiration to me and my family. I am just so proud to live in a Country where we have been continually adding new facilities like stair lifts and wheelchair ramps to building and facilities to make it easier for people with disabilities like my Uncle !!

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