Being Able to Stay Mobile with Electric Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters in a very un-mobile Environment……

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Unfortunately, NOT being Mobile is a part of many people’s lives. When it is a part of your Life , the tables can turn as the use of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are a great option in helping people get around.Just because you have been plagued with an illness or injury or suffer from old age, well this doesn’t mean you have to sit back and not be alive !!

There are three different mobility products that are available for those that have limited mobility.They are : power or electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters and traditional manual wheelchairs. Each one of these provide their own unique blend of mobility and movement to the person in need. Please confer with a professional for deciding which one may be best suited for you. Here are some general questions you might ask when making that decision:

– What is the distance can you go before needing assistance?

– Is the status of your Condition going to get worse with time ?

-* Will you be able to easily get into and out of the different mobility products ?

* Do you have enough upper body strength to make a manual wheelchair go ?

As you answer these questions you will find your quest to which device to use much easier. For example, if you have a lot of upper body strength then a manuel wheelchair may be the most effective and economical choice. But if your condition looks like it may get worse over a period of time, then an electric wheelchair may be the best choice for you. Now if you can walk short distances , but the longer distances are tougher then you might consider a mobility scooter.

No kind of physical condition should be allowed to prohibit mobility to the point where movement is totally lost. All individuals have a right to live Life and be able to have mobility and movement to get around and about. Thats why mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, and manual wheelchairs can be so beneficial to so many !!

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Pediatric Electric Wheelchairs and What You Need to Know about Them….

By Keggy_Ambrose

Pediatric wheel chairs are fashioned much like adult wheel chairs. The number of styles, types, and colors of pediatric wheel chairs available on the market today is both comforting and overwhelming, especially to a parent trying to choose the right one.

Pediatric chairs provide independence and mobility for children with a number of physical challenges. Children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, head injuries, or who have had a limb removed all benefit greatly from a pediatric wheel chair. Some children have the option of using their wheel chair occasionally in lieu of their walker or crutches, whereas others are in a wheel chair full time.

Manual wheel chairs are most often chosen for children who have the upper body strength and dexterity to push the wheels of their own chair. Manual chairs are also a good choice if a parent or caregiver will be aiding the child with their mobility. For children physically unable to move their chair under their own strength or have severe disabilities, there are pediatric power wheel chairs available as well.

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Pediatric wheelchairs are categorized by a child’s age, size, and physical requirements.

· Specialty Chairs – customized to fit specific needs of the child.

· Small Pediatric Chair – designed especially for children who are under six years old or younger (sometimes appear as a stroller).

· Growing Pediatric Wheelchairs – for children six years old and up; feature cross braces that can be replaced to accommodate the child as she grows.

· Sport Wheel Chairs – lightweight and colorful; allow child to participate in sports or simply for daily use.

· Standing Pediatric Wheel Chair – this uniquely styled chair allows children who have use of their legs, (but still require a wheel chair), to stand up and participate in activities or stretch out at any given time.

· Standard Pediatric Chairs – manual wheelchairs that look much like an adult chair

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A pediatric chair that grows with your child will save you money over time. Components that allow you to lengthen or widen the chair will allow you to keep the same wheel chair for as many as 10-12 years, saving you from having to invest in a brand new chair each time your child grows.

Pediatric chair frames are manufactured from steel or aluminum. The aluminum frames are lighter than their steel frame counterparts and often chosen over the steel for that very reason. Contoured seats are molded to the child to ensure that the child is secure in the chair. Safety straps or bands can be attached to a wheel chair to help keep a child with limited strength in the proper position.

There are several fun wheel chair accessories available to help your child do the things she loves. Examples might include a mount for her laptop computer, a desktop for playing cards or games, cup holders, bumper stickers, colorful tote bags to hold her cell phone and school books, seat cushion covers in bright bold colors or patterns, or spoke guards featuring colors or themes.

Choosing a pediatric wheel chair can be a long process, but once you’ve made the decision, you’ll feel better knowing your child has the best chair to meet her physical needs. Consult with your physician and physical therapist for their recommendations on which style and chair is best for your child and her lifestyle.

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For more information on “Pediatric Wheel Chairs” please visit wheelchairs

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Its Our One Year Anniversary at !!

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Wow, it is hard to believe that one year has gone by since I began this Blog. As many of you know was started by myself from inspiration from the Stroke I suffered over 5 years ago. And the disabling conditions I have had to subsequently battle.

I started off concentrating on the Income side of this Blog. Bringing stories of how you can make money with free paid surveys and other at home business programs for people with disabilities.

But as time has gone by I shifted the emphasis from making money here to introducing resources for all kinds of mobility aids including mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, mobility chairs, walkers, rollators and other mobility products !

It has been a great joy to provide some assistance to those people who really need it. Lets face it Money and Mobility are two very important issues that everyone in this World can’t get enough of.

Our two major themes that we will continue to empathises and stress here in the next year will be mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. These two types of mobility aids are so important for many , many people in our World. The difference in having one and not having one of these Aids can be the difference in having a very tough and unfulfilled Life and having a life full of self satisfaction and relative ease.

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed my Blog in the last year. And I cannot wait as you join me for the second year which should prove to be very educational and helpful to all my readers.

Cheers !!

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Types of Manuel Wheelchairs…………

By Jannet Fararo

So called because it is moved using human power, the manual wheelchair has variants. It can be attendant propelled. This kind of wheel chair is pushed by another person who is assisting the user and do not have hand rims on the large wheels. Instead, there are handles at the back of the wheel chair by which the attendant propels and controls its course.

There is also the self propelled wheel chair. It is moved and driven by its occupant. The user does this through the hand rims attached to the outside of the large wheels. The diameter of these hand rims are less than that of the wheels for greater effectiveness. By manipulating these hand rims, the user can control the speed and direction of the chair.

A seat, back rest, foot rest, and four wheels (two large rear wheels and two small front wheels) are the fundamental components of the manual wheelchair. These components are often customized according to the needs of the user. The height and size of the chair, seat, and foot rest, and the angle of the back rest can be changed. Additional features are added as necessary.

A special kind of self propelled wheel chair can be controlled from just one side. This is the one arm drive type which has two hand rims, one of which is smaller than the other, on one side of the chair; the location can be on the left or right of the chair depending on specific needs. The chair can go forward or backward by moving the two together and turn left or right when only one is moved.

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Another means of moving a self propelled wheel chair is by the use of a lever. By pumping the lever in certain ways, the chair can be moved in any direction. For those who can not use their arms or hands, still another way of propelling is possible. This is through using one or both feet; special mechanisms are incorporated into the manual wheelchair to make manipulation by the feet possible.

There is a type of wheel chair, called the wheelbase chair, which can be specially tailored for the unique needs of users who have complicated postures. It is basically a platform with wheels to which a custom-made seat is attached. The seat of the wheelbase chair is usually molded from a cast of the user in the best seated posture that he can manage.

There is also a type of manual wheelchair that has a rigid frame, and there is a type that can be folded for easy storage. Some have back rests and foot rests that can be adjusted. There are also those that have safety belts, oxygen tank holders, drink holders, and other accessories that are specific to the needs of the users for which these are intended.

Wheelchairs can be made of various materials. The earlier types were usually made of wood. Nowadays, they are more commonly made from a combination of metals, plastics, and fabric and the wheels are very similar to those that can be seen on bicycles. The more expensive types are of lightweight materials while the less costly ones are usually made of tubular steel.

About the Author: Jannet Fararo is an expert on manuel wheelchair classifications and usage, and maintains a website which specializes in wheelchairs. offers information and advice for people looking to buy a new wheelchair. There’s also a great wheelchair store, with many discounted wheelchairs on offer.

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Renting a Mobility Scooter May be the Thing for You………..

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For some people it might be worth looking into renting a mobility scooter.You will find that most rental for a scooter will be covered by insurance. Most of the time, scooter rentals are covered by insurance. Much like just purchasing one. But it is much less costlier and much more cost effective.Plus, you will not be buying something which you may or may not use down the road.

Another advantage with a scooter rental is that if something breaks or needs replacing it will be fixed at no extra cost. It is also very rare to receive a scooter rental that is unclean and not in good working order. If so a simple phone call to the rental company should have your problem corrected very quickly.

Make sure to keep track of rates and accessories

Many times if you are using a scooter rental you can also obtain the use of accessories. These might include carrying totes and arm totes. Some companies will supply these free as a benefit for you.
Others though might charge you extra for this.So you will want to check with each individual company.And insurance will usually not cover this.

An added benefit for scooter rentals is that there is usually no charge for the delivery or pick up.

There are many options and choices with scooter rentals. It is best that you and your doctor make the decision on what kind would be best for you. Be sure to take your time in choosing the right mobility scooter to rent.
it is an important decision that will have a big impact on your Life and the everyday nuances of living it.

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Hearing Devices and Hearing Aids- The Things You Need to know and what about a Hearing Exam ?

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It is often noted by a specialist in the field of audiology that having a significant loss in hearing is common as people get older. The main type of hearing loss is called Sensorineural. This type of hearing loss is caused by problems that occur in the hair cells located inside the ear. It’s highly suggested that you talk to your Physician about certain hearing devices if :

-You have to really strain to hear what is being said to you and it becomes very tiresome and weary.
-You have to make a concerted effort to look at the movement of one’s mouth to figure out what they are saying.
-You have difficulty in understanding words in public places , especially very noisy places like a ball game or a fast food place.
-You find yourself asking others to repeat what they have just said to you.
-You struggle in hearing things like your cell phone, doorbell, or house and smoke alarms.

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So do you think you are in need of a hearing exam? If you are at a position in your Life where it feels like you have noticeable hearing loss and it is diminishing the quality of your Life, then you may need to contact a physician for a hearing test. There are two different types of hearing exams to look at when wanting to get hearing aids. And take note that there is only certain types of hearing tests covered by Medicare. Ordinary exams are not covered by Medicare. These kind are similar to regular health checkups! The other type of test for hearing aids is called a diagnostic hearing exam. This type of exam is based on a particular medical need for diminished hearing. This includes a loss of hearing due to a sickness or surgery. Diagnostic hearing exams are prescribed by a doctor, and are usually covered by Medicare. Make sure though, they are a prescription due to a legitimate medical need.

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How to Select the Right Mobility Scooter for You ??

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A mobility scooter is such an important device for many people who need assistance in getting around. Here are a few factors you must consider when choosing the right mobility scooter.

To make sure that you have both comfort and safety , you need to make sure the scooter must have adequate capacity for a person’s height and weight. The second factor you really need to take in consideration is what kind of environment and situation will this mobility aid be operating in ? If you will be operating in a rocky or outside terrain your scooter may require more power and larger wheels. While if you are mostly indoors your scooter will probably need smaller wheels and a better radius to turn. Also remember the kind of Scooter you select could be limited by the vehicle you have to transport it in.

Here is a more specific question : How do I select the right mobility scooter for my height and weight ??
Well, every scooter will include a list of its specifications. In general, people who have a height of 65 inches or less should consider a scooter with a an overall length 0f 41 inches or less. Taller people who are over 65 inches for the most part require longer models to ensure that they have plenty of space for their legs.
Make note that there are a variety of special sized seats and seat options that are readily available in the Marketplace !!

Picking a mobility aid like mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs can be daunting and time consuming. However, be sure to take your time and be patient as it will be one of the most important purchases in your life !! Also, people with disabilities need to check out our other health related Blog. It is centered around Men who need a little extra in their body’s performance with male enhancement pills.

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It is Important to take your Time when Choosing Which Model of Stairlifts to Get……

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Stair lifts really promote a degree of independence for many people who otherwise would have a really tough time getting around !! These mobility aids gives a degree of self confidence and gives them a sense of purpose in Life in that they can come closer to achieving a more normal, fulfilling Life !!

It is important to look at the different variety of models of stair lifts !

When you go out and start looking at stair lifts or chair lifts it is crucial to select the appropriate model that will suit your particular needs of mobility. For one thing you need to make sure it is very dependable and reliable. In the last decade or so there has been a distinct improvement in technology making stair lifts available in all kinds of fancy models and patterns.Believe it or not there are stair lifts and chair lifts that are offered for both curved and straight stairways by manufacturers. You have the regular seated models and along with this there are perching models available. These models will help you access the floors in a standing position. Incidentally, this especially helps individuals who tend to have knee ailments.

Here are the safety features that are included in all the different models :

– You get a Swivel seat
• There Foot rest obstruction sensors
• There are Hidden gears
• there is convenient Swing away arms
• and there are hand held button controls

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