Choosing the Right Electric Wheelchair Provider for You…..

By Chris I

When looking into power wheelchairs like any other product on the market there are no two alike. They may have similarities, but they are not exactly the same. The same can be said for the users; there are no two users just alike either. So when you are shopping for a power wheelchair you don’t want to make the mistake of thinking that power wheelchairs are “one size fits all”. That is the wrong attitude to take to the provider because just as the power wheelchairs they offer, there are no two providers just alike either. You are better off staying away from providers who have a sales environment. They may just want to put you into a chair and don’t really care it is the right chair for your needs. You want a provider who has the atmosphere of a professional guide for the consumer. These providers will help the user understand their needs and the best power wheelchair that can meet their needs. You want a provider that seems to have a wealth of knowledge and experience in choosing the right chair for the user. To do this they will get to know you and ask you questions about your lifestyle and what you need from the power wheelchair. You will know all about the chairs and will be well informed, which will help you make the best decision on a power chair that best suits your needs.

Some will say that you need to find a provider who has the skills of a professional with the heart of a teacher. You might think that finding a professional with the heart of a teacher would be a difficult task. Actually it might really be easier than you think. These types of people are not that rare as long as you know what to look for.
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Disabled people are among many professional from doctors to therapists. These doctors and therapists will have the best interest of their patient in the forefront of their minds when dealing with them. It is natural for the newly disabled person to see the selection of a power wheelchair as part of the medical process. It is easy for them to assume that all power wheelchair providers are like the doctors and therapists and have their best interest at heart. Some providers do have the customer’s best interest at heart, but some do not because providing power wheelchairs is a business. So it is important for the person looking for a power wheelchair to go into the shopping process with an open mind and a wary eye.

When looking for a provider, you can find recommendations from medical professionals or disabled friends, however you may have to resort to the yellow pages of your local phone book. Don’t avoid looking for a provider from the phone book, but you will look at them just as you will all the others, which is as a possible provider who must go through your screening process.

As you are talking to a potential power wheelchair provider, the first thing you will want to look for is a professional certification. Just as a doctor or lawyer have certifications; you will want your provider to have a certification also. These rehab providers must meet a certain criteria in order to receive the certifications. They may be certified by Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America as an Assistive Technology Supplier, and an Assistive Technology Practitioner. These are two professional standards that is a sign of competence.
Once you have established their professional certification, arrange for an initial consultation to discuss your needs. The provider will discuss at length your disability and lifestyle during the consultation. They may even complete a client history survey, which will include extensive background information, so they can best understand your needs.

If you have a power wheelchair provider that steers you straight to a particular model without asking questions, this is a provider you will want to avoid. It does not matter how knowledgeable they may sound. The fact is they no absolutely nothing about you or your needs. The only knowledge they have is about the chair and it capabilities. Dealing with this type of provider you could possibly end up with an inappropriate power wheelchair for you and your needs, and you may run the risk of having no support after the sale. In other words, if they act like a salesman, they probably are and you need to walk away. is a website providing you detailed information and the lowest prices on power wheelchairs also known as Electric wheelchair, Electric Mobility Scooters and Traditional wheelchairs.

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