Mobility Scooters are Becoming More and More Popular with the Aging of the Baby Boomers………

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The Baby Boomer phenomenon was an explosion in the Births of new babies after World War II . People went goo goo for gah gahs !! 🙂

Now many of those Baby Boomers have just hit the early Sixties and with the prospects of getting old comes the realization that the human body will start to deteriorate.

So obviously mobility products like electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters will find its way into the needy hands of the bodies of these aging baby boomers.

Many people who have only been window shoppers for these products from a far are now coming in and actually starting to make purchases. This according to a mobility scooter dealer. We just happen to meet up with him at his place of establishment in New York where he showed us some of the latest models from a very famous brand called Pride Mobility. They have everything from portable lightweight scooters to heavy duty scooters that many hardcore users require.There is a whole lot of demand for Pride Mobility and just scooters in general.But the funny thing is that other Brands also have sold real well this year. And we see a particular increase in demand for the lightweight scooters.

On top of this there has been an interest that has been steadily increasing as prices have plummeted in the last few years. When the US Dollar is at its weakest in relation to the Asian Currencies , then the US Brands become much more affordable.
And at the same time , insurance companies are much less willing to settle paying for an expensive Asian mobility scooter !

Its a fact now that medical scooters have gained alot of momentum and many models have completely sold out at the beginning of the year. And in a way this is a good thing. Because you can really find well kept and well run medical scooters from the nineties that are essentially as good as new. And the Price ?? Well, we are talking about a real bargain in the neighborhood of $1,000 !! 🙂

Mobility Scooters are definitely here to stay and we will continue to see their popularity increase as more and more people see the value that they can offer.

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