Is the Three Wheeled Mobility Scooter Good Enough for You ??

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It is very unfortunate but the sad fact is that many of our loved ones will become disabled through sickness, accidents, and old age.
But the bright side is that in modern society comes the realization that Technology can do so many amazing things.
The mobility scooter is one such byproduct of technology. And this device has come a long way in the last couple of decades. They can pretty much go anywhere. On rough terrain, smooth terrain, through tight corners and around the confides of your own home.
One important factor may disabled people will have to consider is whether not they should choose a mobility scooter that has 4 wheels or just 3 ??

If you are talking about going in and around your home then a 3 wheel scooter may be your best choice for this. The reason being is that it has a radius that is smaller turning. Also it is littler and lighter than a 4 wheeler making travelling and storage much easier.

The 3 wheeler is really perfect for smooth surfaces. And can also be used outside.

The accessories associated with the 3 wheel mobility scooter will enable anyone to have a very convenient Lifestyle as far as modifying things that meet their needs Of course these Scooters have a swivel seat and a arm rest that can be raised or adjusted to meet the needs of the disabled user. And the controls are quite easy to use.

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Mobility Scooters Provide a lot of Uses for a lot of People….

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In this World that we live in it is almost mandatory to be able to get around in an effective and efficient way. There are a number of devices that are really good to help with this issue, but mobility scooters are one of the best.
Mobility scooters can help people who are permanently disabled and people who are temporary disabled from an accident, illness, or operation. They can also be of huge asset to elderly people who find it hard to be mobile in such a fast World.

Expectant mothers are another group of people who may find scooters helpful and beneficial too.

It really is amazing at how far the technology of these scooters have come. They have ones built for concrete and pavement and ones built for outdoor terrain that can be rough and tough. Also they have scooters that can turn incredible angles to get around tight spaces and tight corners.

If you live in a small house, or large house or just a moderate sized house they have a certain scooter that surely will be perfect for you.

Make no mistake about it , mobility scooters have changed the Lives of many. And for the better. Some of the places that Scooters can go and some of the things they can do were unheard of 20 years ago.
I wish some of my elderly relatives who have since deceased would have had access to these Scooters 30 years ago. It literally would have made the cane and the bent over snail walk obsolete back then !!

I think that everyone should take a moment and pause and just realize that technology in our Lives is something that can be beneficial. Lets embrace it just say its great to be living in these age and times !! 🙂

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Some Important Criteria When Choosing the Right Electric Wheelchair for You……..

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By Robert Marsh

When we are talking about buying a mobility aid like an electric wheelchair there are two types of Suppliers you have to deal with. There is the Supplier that is already participating in Medicare and then there is the one that is enrolled but does not actively participate in Medicare.

The Suppliers who are currently active must accept Assignment as this is mandatory! What does this mean? Well, they must agree to accept a pre-defined set fee for the electric wheelchair they sell. And it is required by Law that they cannot charge more than the Medicare allowed billing.

It is also important to note that a Supplier who is approved by Medicare and makes the decision to not participate can charge a price more than the amount approved by Medicare. But they cannot under any circumstance charge more than 15 percent of the amount approved by Medicare. Also expect that you might have to pay the full amount for the electric wheelchair when you pick it up. And Medicare will simply reimburse you later.

You need to also check and see if you get Medicare coverage through a Medical Advantage Plan like a PPO or HMO. If you do it is more likely that the Plan will have its own guidelines for the purchase. There could be some restrictions for this Plan with the Provider from which you purchase the electric wheelchair. And please realize that your Health Plan must meet the supply levels to at least what Medicare covers. It is required that it not be lower than this. You may even receive more coverage with the Plan you are currently covered by than you could receive with Medicare. It is very important and makes perfect sense to call your Medicare Advantage Plan’s Customer Service Department and ask about your coverage before buying any electric wheelchair.

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