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By Robert Marsh

When we are talking about buying a mobility aid like an electric wheelchair there are two types of Suppliers you have to deal with. There is the Supplier that is already participating in Medicare and then there is the one that is enrolled but does not actively participate in Medicare.

The Suppliers who are currently active must accept Assignment as this is mandatory! What does this mean? Well, they must agree to accept a pre-defined set fee for the electric wheelchair they sell. And it is required by Law that they cannot charge more than the Medicare allowed billing.

It is also important to note that a Supplier who is approved by Medicare and makes the decision to not participate can charge a price more than the amount approved by Medicare. But they cannot under any circumstance charge more than 15 percent of the amount approved by Medicare. Also expect that you might have to pay the full amount for the electric wheelchair when you pick it up. And Medicare will simply reimburse you later.

You need to also check and see if you get Medicare coverage through a Medical Advantage Plan like a PPO or HMO. If you do it is more likely that the Plan will have its own guidelines for the purchase. There could be some restrictions for this Plan with the Provider from which you purchase the electric wheelchair. And please realize that your Health Plan must meet the supply levels to at least what Medicare covers. It is required that it not be lower than this. You may even receive more coverage with the Plan you are currently covered by than you could receive with Medicare. It is very important and makes perfect sense to call your Medicare Advantage Plan’s Customer Service Department and ask about your coverage before buying any electric wheelchair.

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