Mobility Scooters- What are Class 2 and Class 3 and the Differences between the two ??

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Okay mobility scooters can really be such a convenient device for many people who are disabled or elderly !!

There are two different type of mobility scooters and they are Class 2 and Class 3.
Most people do not know what this means and it is really beneficial to understand.

With Class 2 Scooters you can travel up to 4 miles per hour on concrete or pavement. And it is totally legal by law to cross from one side of the road to the other with these scooters !!
A general rule to go by is that anywhere you can travel on your feet you can travel using the Class 2 scooter. This really makes it a contraption that is suited for many people who have problems getting around. Now they can travel to their neighbor’s house without a problem.

Another type of mobility scooter is the Class 3. Now the difference it has over the Class 2 is that the Class 3 is pretty much bigger in size and can be actually driven on the road legally where they can go up to 12 mph !! They do not require any kind of driver’s license. But they do have to follow regular highway driving laws.

From common sense and experience it really is NOT advisable to drive even the Class 3scooter on roadways. It is just not safe and ,although legal, you will be taking a unnecessary chance if you decide to drive on the roads.

The law requires that Class 3 Scooters come attached with lights , horns, mirrors, reflectors and brakes used by the hands. And incidentally Insurance is not required by Law to operate a Class 2 or Class 3 Scooter. But it is highly recommended you do so if you decide to drive on roadways !!

Hope this helps clarify some things concerning these two type of mobility scooters. And answers any questions you had about them.

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People with Disabilities Can’t have Fullfilling Lives ? I Say, Hogwash !!

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I know many people have the unfortunate circumstance of falling victim to a disability. And I also know many people who look at those with disabilities and think that they are to be felt sorry for and what a terrible Life they must have.

Well, to the contrary many people who have disabilities have flourishing Lives full of adventure and good times.

I think one of the reasons for this is the advent of the technology age we have seen in the last 50 years. Not only our Computers the ones benefit ting from technology but also other devices including mobility aids such electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

I tell you what isnt it amazing to see how the mobility scooter has come into our Society and played such a crucial role in helping people get around ?? And the advanced technology these things have is amazing.
You have mobility scooters that go around sharp corners in the house , out and around the backyard and even go in treacherous terrain like the Grand Canyon.

Also, the same can be said about electric wheelchairs. They have ones that are heavy duty and others that are as light as feathers. These devices are a little more stable and solid than most scooters but essentially do the same thing and that is get people up and around.

I have seen so many people in the last few years that are confined to a wheelchair or scooter but do not let anything get in the way of their happiness and contentment.

Also, with Public Ramps for the handicapped in more places than ever…well this just makes it that more enticing for disabled people to get out and experience the World.

So you ask me if disabled people cant have enriching Lives ??
I say of course they can !!

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Used Electric Wheelchairs Will Save You Money

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by Debbie Normski

Many wheelchair users will not be in a wheelchair for long, they may only be in a wheelchair due to a temp illness or even an operation. So buying a used wheelchair whether it’s a normal, power or electric could be a god investment for you.

As there stay is short lived in a wheelchair often the used wheelchair will remain in good condition. As people mainly use the wheelchair for a few days then buying a used wheelchair could be worth the investment.

Other forms of wheelchairs such as power or electric are available with good savings to the buyer and quite often these forms of wheelchairs will be the latest models and have not be used much too.

Used Wheelchairs Should Be Purchased With Care

First place to look for a used wheelchair would be the local newspaper or even the notice boards of local supermarkets or other places of high volume of people. Wheelchairs are normally quite cheap but buy with caution to ensure you buy a good one. When buying test the wheelchair out and make sure there is no obvious defects.

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There is no way to ensure that a used wheelchair will fit a new user’s needs. The new user’s weight, width, terrain (for indoor/outdoor use), physical limitations and capabilities, etc., will all affect the durability of a used wheelchair.

Used power or electric wheelchairs are all specialized products which will require your doctor, therapist and even the mobility equipment provider’s feedback and input to choice the correct wheelchair to fit your needs. As wheelchairs are individually tailored equipment they are generally not designed for resale purposes.

Debbie Normski has been involved with Wheelchairs for over 10 years and visit second hand wheelchairs and information on used wheelchair vans.

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