Used Electric Wheelchairs Will Save You Money

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by Debbie Normski

Many wheelchair users will not be in a wheelchair for long, they may only be in a wheelchair due to a temp illness or even an operation. So buying a used wheelchair whether it’s a normal, power or electric could be a god investment for you.

As there stay is short lived in a wheelchair often the used wheelchair will remain in good condition. As people mainly use the wheelchair for a few days then buying a used wheelchair could be worth the investment.

Other forms of wheelchairs such as power or electric are available with good savings to the buyer and quite often these forms of wheelchairs will be the latest models and have not be used much too.

Used Wheelchairs Should Be Purchased With Care

First place to look for a used wheelchair would be the local newspaper or even the notice boards of local supermarkets or other places of high volume of people. Wheelchairs are normally quite cheap but buy with caution to ensure you buy a good one. When buying test the wheelchair out and make sure there is no obvious defects.

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There is no way to ensure that a used wheelchair will fit a new user’s needs. The new user’s weight, width, terrain (for indoor/outdoor use), physical limitations and capabilities, etc., will all affect the durability of a used wheelchair.

Used power or electric wheelchairs are all specialized products which will require your doctor, therapist and even the mobility equipment provider’s feedback and input to choice the correct wheelchair to fit your needs. As wheelchairs are individually tailored equipment they are generally not designed for resale purposes.

Debbie Normski has been involved with Wheelchairs for over 10 years and visit second hand wheelchairs and information on used wheelchair vans.

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