It is Our One and a Half Year Anniversary Today with this Site……

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It is stunning to me that this Site has reached 1.5 years now !! It has been quite a journey for me and I have simply enjoyed EVERY moment of it.

Its weird because this Blog has gone thru an evolution from its Origins when I first started it back in March of 2008. Originally, I intended to make it a Blog where I helped other disabled people and elderly people in finding ways to make extra money online.
I still strive to provide resources that people with disabilities can make money with on the Web. As you may have noticed on the side where I present the exact programs I make money with each and every month. I take pride in these programs for they have made me money in the past on a consistent basis.

Anyway, as I have said this blog has gone thru an evolution. And part of this is the fact that I now concentrate on providing information and resources on not just money making programs but also mobility aids and products.

At least twice a month I try to bring up to date info. on things like mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, hearing devices, bathroom aids and much more.

I know there is such a need for these devices and I want to present information that might make it easier for people to make a decision in what Mobility aids they may or may not need.

I know many of you have sent me emails asking me questions and also saying thanks for the resources I provide. Although I am not a Medical Professional of any sorts I try my best to help out as much as I can.

And I encourage anyone who feels a need to contact me anytime.

Once again thank you for being part of this Blog and the 1.5 years it has been around !! It has been all my pleasure 🙂

Labels include mobility scooters, mobility scooter, electric wheelchairs, mobility aids

The History of Electric Wheelchairs and the Different Types and Why They are so Important to Many People………..

(Labels Include mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs)

In today’s World, its unfortunate buy many people with disabilities and elderly people will find a need for devices that help them become more mobile.Mobility scooters are great but there is another type of device that can be just as helpful if not more.

The electric wheelchair was invented and founded by man named George Klein. He worked for the National Research Council of Canada. His Title was to help out Veterans in WWII who had be injured.

There are 4 basic styles of electric wheelchairs or as some refer to it electric powered chairs. They are rear, center, front wheel driven or four wheel driven electric wheelchairs. Each of these different Types have distinct features for Handling purposes. They can be also classified by the seating type.

They run in many different styles from small and portable kinds to ones which can be folded and dismantled to ones that are very enormous in size with heavy duty chairs installed in them.

Electric Wheelchairs
can be made for indoor and outdoor use and a combination of both. One of the reasons why a person would be prescribed an electric wheelchair is that they are for people use have problems using a Manual wheelchair. These people may not have the arm strength to move the arm of the manual wheelchair or the strength in the upper torso to keep it moving. And people with heart conditions many times are pointed towards an electric wheelchair. When buying an electric wheelchair sometimes people will find themselves in a position where they have to pay out of pocket for it. The Price can be very large. And it is highly advised that you go to a Dealer of electric wheelchairs who does not take Insurance and has special prices for the uninsured.

The person who uses an electric wheelchair for the most part controls speed and direction by operating a joystick device set on a controller. Other parts like a Chin controller or Puff sip scanners are for people with spinal Cord injuries and can be implemented to control the speed and direction of the chair. Other features that can be included on an electric wheelchair is tilt, recline, leg and seat raising and a few others.

These Chairs use electric motors to move the tires and the wheels. These Motors are powered by 4 or 5 amp rechargeable batteries and are available in wet or dry alternatives !! Most electric wheelchairs have a charger on board that can be plugged into a regular outlet on the Wall of your House.

Both Electric Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters have been a blessing to many folks. And with Technology upon us in full speed , it has only gotten better and better for these people and their mobility needs being met.

Mobility Scooters – The Scooter Store and is it a Good Place to Do Business With ??

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The Scooter Store
is a highly visible Company that credits a lot of its notoriety with several Nationwide Commercial Ads on TV in the past few years. !! It was founded in 1991 in New Braunfel,TX where it is currently headquartered. There are many locations across the US with a whole slew of service specialists. With over 2,000 Company employees , The Scooter Store has become highly successful !!

The Scooter Store
currently meets strict compliance with Medicare and prides itself on meeting these Standards year in and year out. It is accredited by the ACHC which is an acronym for Accreditation Commission for Health Care.

Some of the Products and Services offered by the Scooter Store include
consultation to help people with Mobility issues and technical services concerning mobility products.
They offer a wide range of products including mobility scooters,
chair lifts, stair lifts, electric wheelchairs, ramps, van lifts

With the Scooter Store they have Financing available.

Here on this Blog we have always admired the Scooter Store and its efforts in maintaining quality service and quality products to its clients and customers.

Mobility devices are an important issue that will continue to play a major role in many people’s lives. The technological advances in the last few decades are to say the least quite amazing. The Scooter Store seems to have embraced the need for Mobility and the need to constantly advance in technology. The effort they put in to offer the best service is proof of this , no doubt.

We give the Scooter Store two thumbs up. But remember though, before you purchase anything from anyone you need to always do your own research beforehand. This means going to an unbiased source and getting more facts and information about the issue you are dealing with. Once all the facts present itself you need to look for other people who have gone through similar experiences with the same Company or Product. This will enable you to make an efficient informed decision !!

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