Why the Mobility Scooter is the Best Alternative to the Wheelchair….

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In the early days, mobility scooters were small and were driven by front wheel drive. Their primary use was for the indoors and the indoors only. Today, the more modern scooters are meant to be versatile for outdoor and indoor use.
They can operate under varied terrain including ones that were deemed unsafe before.
The different options and accessories are more numerous than ever.

There are literally hundreds of different models to choose from. More than ever mobility scooters have been a convenient and important tool for people who find it difficult to move around in Life. This may include elderly people , people with disabilities and people who are sickly and may have been in an accident.
Tt really gives hope to many who never had hope in living somewhat of a normal, free Life !!
Going to the grocery store, out to eat, pay bills, or a day in the Park is now on the to do list of many people who wouldnt dream of doing it before.

A few of the options and accessories of a mobility scooter include carriers for oxygen . a place to put ones cane or crutches, baskets for the front and rear, headlights and tail lights, blowing horns to warn people ahead of time and other things.

Electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs will always have a place and time in our Society. Many people simply do not have the strength to hold themselves up on a mobility scooter so an electric wheelchair would be better suited for them. Manuel wheelchairs are still used by many but for long term use it seems that mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are the ways to go.

The flexibility and maneuverability of a mobility scooter makes it an outstanding candidate for those that want to travel around outside without hindrance. In many cases, people have really treated it similar to a automobile in that they can take the scooter from their home and go to the nearby Supermarket and Convenience store. How many times do we see an elderly person or disabled person making his way down the road going 20 mph to the local Store ?? Well, if your like me you see it happening all the time !!

In my view, I see that as nothing short of beautiful progress in our World. To think that 50 years ago many of these same people were looked on in our Society as down and out people who had to be institutionalized….well is a tribute to how far we have come to see these scooters all around in our lives now.
And a tribute to how far modern technology has come with a great invention like the mobility scooter !! 🙂

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