Have a great Thanksgiving and We Will See You Back in 2 Weeks…….

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Okay guys its about a week away to turkey day. I hope you all are going to get to be with your family and loved ones and enjoy a lot of good festive activities.

One thing I want to touch upon is that let us ALL keep in mind during this time that many people including a lot of disabled people will not have anyone to share this Holiday with. This is a sad fact but it is just reality.

If it is all possible I want to encourage everyone ,if they can, to reach out to a person who is alone or depressed and down and out and give them a hug or better yet invite them to spend a little time with you and your family.It will mean a lot to these people.

I know being disabled sometimes puts people in a position that can seem lonely and alienated. If anyone who is feeling like this who is reading my Blog I just want to say you have friends here who care. And we would love to hear from you so do not hesitate to post a comment to say hi.

One of the purposes I developed this Blog was to fellowship with others who had some form of disability. Well, the Blog took a little different direction than I had planned but I am still motivated to reach out and communicate with some of my Readers who may have Disabilities that provide obstacles. So I committed to doing this !!

Anyway, I hope some of the resources I have provided on the Blog here are beneficial to some of you guys. I really would love to get more feedback and do not hesitate to contact me.

Once again have a Happy Thanksgiving and we will see you in two weeks !! 😉

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Being Disabled Does NOT mean your Life is Over……Electric Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters Can Make It Fulfilled !!

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Okay, my personal battle with a vascular brain tumor and a Stroke in the last 6 years has NOT stopped me from Living and Loving Life. I could have felt sorry for myself many, many times with my debilitating condition and the symptoms I have to deal with on a day to day basis.
But I made a decision long ago that I was going to try my best to still love Life as much as I could and still find great meaning in Life.

I know many of you are probably in some dire circumstances with your own Disability. Some of you may be confined to a wheelchair and some may be permanently confined to a Bed.

But I truly believe that as long as you have a brain and can talk and think then you have no reason to not make an effort to live life to the fullest extent you are capable of.

With the progress of technology, getting around has never been more simple for people with disabilities. For instance, mobility scooters have come a long way in the last few decades. Just the other day I saw several people within one hour driving down the street in a medical scooter. These people are not letting their weaknesses stop them from living life. They are handicapped but are going to the grocery store, attending school functions for their children, going to the movie theaters, travelling on vacations etc..etc..

It is a brand new Life for many people with disabilities !! And the really, really good news is that it will keep getting better and better for these people as technology and advancements will continue to improve each and every year.

Also for elderly people the same applies. As people get older and older in our Society, we will be seeing a group of people who are getting better and better made mobility aids to be able to get around more efficiently.

Gosh knows with the baby Boomers getting in their sixties we will certainly need this advancement.

So its good news for everyone in our Society. 😉

And I feel privileged to be able to provide some resources to help some of these people on this Blog !! 🙂

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