Have a great Thanksgiving and We Will See You Back in 2 Weeks…….

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Okay guys its about a week away to turkey day. I hope you all are going to get to be with your family and loved ones and enjoy a lot of good festive activities.

One thing I want to touch upon is that let us ALL keep in mind during this time that many people including a lot of disabled people will not have anyone to share this Holiday with. This is a sad fact but it is just reality.

If it is all possible I want to encourage everyone ,if they can, to reach out to a person who is alone or depressed and down and out and give them a hug or better yet invite them to spend a little time with you and your family.It will mean a lot to these people.

I know being disabled sometimes puts people in a position that can seem lonely and alienated. If anyone who is feeling like this who is reading my Blog I just want to say you have friends here who care. And we would love to hear from you so do not hesitate to post a comment to say hi.

One of the purposes I developed this Blog was to fellowship with others who had some form of disability. Well, the Blog took a little different direction than I had planned but I am still motivated to reach out and communicate with some of my Readers who may have Disabilities that provide obstacles. So I committed to doing this !!

Anyway, I hope some of the resources I have provided on the Blog here are beneficial to some of you guys. I really would love to get more feedback and do not hesitate to contact me.

Once again have a Happy Thanksgiving and we will see you in two weeks !! 😉

(Labels include mobility scooters , mobility scooter, electric wheelchairs, mobility aids)

One thought on “Have a great Thanksgiving and We Will See You Back in 2 Weeks…….

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